Norcross Rear-End Collision Lawyer

A rear-end collision occurs when a driver is following another vehicle too closely and is unable to stop their vehicle in time before colliding with the rear of the vehicle in front. Under the law, drivers are required not to follow another vehicle too closely.

When a driver follows another vehicle too closely and cannot stop in time, that individual is typically 100 percent at fault for causing the collision. If you were injured as the result of a rear-end accident, a dedicated car accident lawyer could help you recover compensation. Call today and set up a consultation with a seasoned Norcross rear-end collision lawyer.

Common Fact Patterns in Norcross Rear-End Accidents

The most common fact pattern surrounding rear-end collisions is that the at-fault driver was not paying attention at the time of the accident. When a driver is distracted and not paying attention while driving, a sudden change in traffic conditions can lead to a car accident. Talking on the phone, texting, and eating while driving are all common causes of distracted driving.

In nearly every case, the person who rear-ends another person is 100 percent at fault for the accident. However, insurance companies might try to assign some responsibility to the driver in front. Therefore, it is vital for injured individuals to contact a Norcross rear-end collision attorney as soon as possible following a wreck. A knowledgeable attorney could help counter any claims of partial fault.

Establishing Fault in a Tailgating Car Wreck

The number one piece of evidence that a lawyer will use to establish liability for an auto accident is the citation that the investigating police officer gave to the other driver. In Georgia, if that other driver pled guilty and paid the citation, liability is deemed admitted. Pleading guilty to a citation is a statement against interest. The inference is that nobody in their right mind will make a statement against their interest. As such, this admission of fault would aid the injured party in the pending civil lawsuit for bodily injury, property damage and/or diminished value.

If a police citation is not available, an attorney would have to secure evidence to show that more than likely the other driver was more than 50 percent at fault for causing the collision. Attorneys may do this by securing witnesses and documenting their testimonies in an affidavit. They may also secure witnesses through the 9-1-1 audio and report or video feeds from the intersection or nearby businesses.

A rear-end collision lawyer in Norcross may also hire an accident reconstructionist to reconstruct what most likely happened in the collision using available data points from the scene and the physical damage to each vehicle. Reconstruction must be done immediately after the collision, however, as data points will vanish over time and vehicles will either be repaired or sold.

Reach out to a Norcross Rear-End Collision Attorney

If you have been injured in a rear-end collision, you might be eligible for compensation. Let a skilled Norcross rear-end collision lawyer fight for the damages you deserve. Call today and set up a consultation with a compassionate legal professional.