Rental Car Accidents in Norcross

When we purchase a car, we are required to insure it. When you rent a car, you should do the same. However, even if you prepare for an auto accident with the right insurance coverage, rental car accidents in Norcross are more complex than accidents where you own the vehicle. A personal injury lawyer with auto collision experience may help you navigate the claims process and reach a positive resolution. Call today to learn more.

Insurance for Rental Vehicles

Most personal car insurance coverage will also cover rental cars in the event of an accident, but that is not always the case. Before renting a car, drivers should understand their policy provisions.

Understanding the specifics of a car insurance policy allows renters to decide whether they should pay additional money for the optional or supplemental insurance offered by rental car agencies. Supplemental insurance can significantly increase rental costs but accepting it may be a good idea for a variety of reasons:

  • Avoiding claims against personal policies
  • High deductibles on individual policies
  • Out of state policies do not meet Georgia’s minimum liability requirements
  • Renter does not own a vehicle, so they do not have car insurance

Besides personal and supplemental car insurance, other sources of coverage may be available from the credit card company that the driver used to pay for the vehicle, health insurance, and, in some cases, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.

All these avenues for reimbursement can be confusing and intimidating, but a trained attorney can help guide renters who experience a car wreck through this insurance maze.

Determining Liability in a Rental Car Accident Case

Having insurance is critical to protecting your interests and your future; in fact, Georgia requires it. However, Georgia is not a no-fault state; so the fact that a renter has insurance to cover an accident appropriately does not always translate into that driver’s company paying for the damage suffered.

Settlement Offers

In this state, fault determines who pays. After the completed investigation, each party to the accident is assigned a percentage of fault, and settlement offers will reflect those percentages. Before accepting, injured parties should carefully consider whether the amount proposed redresses their injuries and property damage.

Insurance companies often low-ball settlements in the hope of quickly and inexpensively resolving matters. Drivers are not obligated to accept settlement offers, and seasoned car accident attorneys may help negotiate fairer compensation.

Taking a Case to Court

If an agreement is not possible, those involved in a car accident may sue. As with settlements, the court will apply modified comparative negligence when awarding damages. The amount each party collects will reflect the responsibility they bear – a party who contributed to the accident by 30 percent, may only recover 70 percent of their damages. For any party deemed 50 percent or more liable, the court will order zero recovery.

If the rental agency owns any responsibility for the crash, anyone injured can name the company as a defendant in the lawsuit. Rental car companies owe the public a duty to provide safe cars that are maintained and up to date on safety recalls. Proof that it failed to satisfy this duty could put it on the hook for the damage caused.

Whether negotiating a settlement or trying a case to verdict, the sooner individuals in a car crash seek attorney advice, the better.

Discuss Your Claim with a Legal Professional

After being in an auto accident, it is understandable that you want to quickly address any injuries, fix the vehicle, and move on with your life, but driving a rental car complicates things. Rental car accidents in Norcross raise different, and sometimes unusual, issues from ordinary auto collisions. Concerns that an experienced car crash lawyer deals with every day. Please take advantage of their skill to navigate these deep waters, protect your future, and obtain a favorable resolution. Call our team of professionals to help you today.