Steps to Take after a Norcross Car Accident

The days following a car accident can be some of the most confusing for those involved. Collisions can happen so quickly that drivers may become injured, disoriented, and unsure of their next steps. Additionally, what happens immediately after a vehicle collision can have a dramatic impact on the viability of a personal injury claim. While some actions may strengthen a claim, others could jeopardize it.

A knowledgeable attorney could explain the best steps to take after a Norcross car accident. A legal professional’s advice could go a long way toward ensuring you have the best chance of recovering compensation for your injuries.

Why is it Important to Obtain Medical Attention Following an Accident?

Before considering a potential claim for damages, the top priority of any driver involved in a crash should be the health and wellbeing of themselves and their passengers. In addition to the important health concerns, seeking medical attention may go a long way toward protecting an injured party’s claim.

First, visiting a doctor allows a potential claimant to document their injuries as well as their other losses. Second, medical treatment could counter the argument from the at-fault party that an injured party made their condition worse by failing to treat it.

Contact Law Enforcement

One of the most important steps an individual should take following a car wreck in Nrocrsoss is contacting the authorities. In fact, state law requires anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident to contact law enforcement immediately.

The law also mandates that all involved parties remain at the scene of the crash to speak with the police. The only exception to this rule is when immediate medical treatment is necessary. A failure to get in touch with law enforcement could result in criminal charges.

When Should Insurance Companies be Contacted?

There is no state law that a person involved in a motor vehicle crash must contact their insurance company immediately. However, a driver’s insurance policy likely requires them to contact their provider as soon as possible.

Insurance companies take this requirement seriously, and the consequences of ignoring it could be steep. Most insurance policies list the refusal to cooperate with an accident investigation as grounds for denying a claim or even canceling a policy entirely. Because of this, the failure to report an accident to their insurance company could cost a driver their opportunity at a payout from their carrier. It is important to note that an injured claimant should not take additional steps with any insurance company after an accident without speaking to a Norcross attorney first.

Limit Contact With The Other Driver

After a car crash, state law requires the drivers involved to exchange certain information. This includes personal information such as the driver’s name as well as their insurance policy number.

Despite this requirement, it is important to limit any discussion with the other parties outside of the mandatory exchange of information. Anything said after an accident could be deemed an admission of guilt and used as evidence at trial. For instance, an apology could hurt someone’s claims if it is turned into an admission of guilt.

Seek Legal Guidance to Learn What Actions to Take Following a Car Wreck in Norcross

In addition to these steps, contacting an attorney is also important. An attorney could guide you through the claims process and ensure you avoid any mistakes that could damage your chances of recovery.

By making the right decisions after an accident, you could limit the chance of putting your claim at risk. To learn more about the steps to take after a Norcross car accident, call today.