Teen Driver Car Accidents in Norcross

While some new teen drivers are responsible with this newfound freedom, others are irresponsible and engage in dangerous behaviors. This negligent driving can lead to serious car wrecks that result in the teen and others becoming severely injured.

A crash involving a teenage driver presents difficult questions of liability. A lawyer could help you and your family sort these issues out and file a lawsuit against those individuals who should be accountable if you were involved in a teen driver car accident in Norcross.

Who is Liable for a Car Wreck Caused by a Teenage Driver?

Similarly to adults, teenagers owe other motorists and people on the road a duty to operate their motor vehicle safely. When a teenager’s misconduct violates this duty, then they could be liable.

Because teenagers are not likely to have much in the way of financial resources, injured parties may file a claim against the teen’s insurance policy. Doing this may provide an injured party with some measure of compensation for their damages.

Additionally, the teen’s parents may be responsible for any injuries their child caused. The family purpose doctrine may hold the parents liable when the teenager is driving a vehicle for the benefit or at the direction of their parents. Therefore, this doctrine may apply when a teenager collides with another motorist while driving to the store to buy groceries for the family.

Alternatively, parents may be held liable for their teen’s actions under the theory of negligent entrustment. This theory of liability may apply when the parents knew or should have known that their child was a careless or reckless driver but permitted their teen to drive regardless. An attorney in Norcross could review a car accident case involving a teen driver and advise an injured party on the various parties that could be held responsible.

Recoverable Damages

The restitution that injured plaintiffs may receive from the at-fault teen driver, their insurance company, and their parents may help compensate losses sustained as a result of the crash. These damages may cover both economic and emotional losses. Therefore, a claimant may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Unearned wages due to absences from work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost future earnings, if the plaintiff is not able to return to work

The plaintiff in any lawsuit must prove the amount of financial damages that they need to address the injuries they suffered adequately. A Norcross lawyer with experience handling teenage driver car accident cases may help a plaintiff identify and quantify their losses so they may seek appropriate compensation.

Speak with a Norcross Attorney to Learn More About Teen Driver Car Wrecks

When it be reckless behavior or inexperience, teen drivers can be more vulnerable to causing motor vehicle accidents. You may still be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation if the driver at-fault in your crash is a teenager. Discuss your situation with a qualified lawyer if you were involved in a teen driver car accident in Norcross. To learn more about your legal options, call today.