Value of a Norcross Car Accident Case

The expenses that follow a serious car wreck can be significant. Therefore, it could be beneficial for someone involved in a motor vehicle wreck to get help from an attorney who could help them pursue compensation. While it is impossible to pinpoint the exact dollar amount that a case may be worth, it is possible to estimate the value of a Norcross car accident case.

Making these estimations on your own is risky, however. A thorough evaluation of a motor vehicle accident claim requires both legal knowledge and courtroom experience. A seasoned attorney could be your best option for learning what your claim may be worth.

Types of Available Compensation

To understand the potential value of a claim, it is important to know what damages may be available. Generally speaking, each form of compensation is considered either economic or noneconomic.

Economic damages are identifiable because of the way they can be quantified. These losses have an exact dollar value, which means compiling them requires little more than adding up the cost of each loss. These commonly include lost income, medical bills, and vehicle repair costs. Each of these types of economic damages could be worth thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the claimant’s losses. Establishing their value at trial typically involves using medical bills, vehicle repair estimates, and invoices as evidence.

Noneconomic damages can be more complex. In general, they are highly subjective from one person to another, and a Norcross lawyer cannot establish the value of these losses in a car accident case through bills or receipts.

Calculating Noneconomic Damages

Much of the compensation available in a car crash lawsuit is economic in nature. Thanks to the availability of documentary evidence to prove these claims, there is typically is little disagreement in the value of a claim. The same cannot be said for mental and emotional losses, however. These noneconomic damages are subjective, making their value harder to quantify.

Because of the open-ended nature of these damages, this type of compensation can be a contentious part of car accident cases in Norcross.

Ultimately, only the claimant can truly understand the impact that these losses had. Every person responds to pain differently, making it impossible to standardize these types of damage awards. The dollar amount one person may put on physical and emotional pain can differ significantly from another.

At trial, the jury ultimately determines what damage award would be appropriate. It is common practice for juries to consider the amount in medical bills a plaintiff incurred when determining other damages. Additionally, the jury could award special damages that are a multiple of a plaintiff’s economic losses. Generally speaking, the cost of recovering from an injury could correlate to the amount of noneconomic damages available in a case.

Contact an Attorney Regarding the Value of a Car Wreck Claim in Norcross

While it could be possible to estimate a general range in which the value of a car accident case may fall, the reality is that each claim is different. Without the assistance of an attorney, it is difficult to truly evaluate a claim.

Our seasoned lawyers could use their experience and knowledge to provide you with an informed estimate. To get the value of your Norcross car accident case, call today.