What Happens to a Vehicle After a Norcross Car Accident

Once one side accepts 100 percent of the fault, a car accident attorney could coordinate for an appraiser to examine the damaged vehicle. This is called the visual inspection. Once the visual inspection is done, a case manager will contact the other insurance company and request a rental reservation number. With the rental reservation number in hand, staff will coordinate as to when and where a damaged vehicle can be picked up or dropped off to a body shop to get repaired. To learn more about what happens to a vehicle after a Norcross car accident, call today.

Obtaining a Rental Car

It usually takes about eight to nine days to obtain a rental with a standard insurance company. Once the injured person’s lawyer gets the police report, after about three days, they may immediately set up the claim with the insurance company to obtain a claim number. In order to coordinate the rental and the repair of the individual’s vehicle, the attorney has to send a representation letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This is done immediately via fax, email, regular mail, and certified mail. It takes the insurance company about two days to get the letter of representation uploaded into their system.

As soon as the insurance company has the letter of representation in their system, the case manager may call and request a visual inspection of the injured person’s vehicle. This step should take approximately two days. Once the insurance company has inspected the car and the at-fault party has assumed 100 percent of the fault, it takes another two days to get a rental reservation number. When the body shop takes possession of the damaged vehicle, the claimant may use the rental reservation number to receive a rental immediately.

What Happens If the Car is Totaled?

If a car is totaled, the owner has several choices. They can either let the other insurance company pay them for the totaled loss, which takes about eight to nine days but could be 70-80 days depending on the insurance company. If the other insurance company is taking too long, an owner can go through their own insurance coverage. However, the insurance company will only pay out the fair market value of the car minus the deductible. The insurance company will typically recover that loss back from the other insurance company through a process called subrogation.  After receiving the money from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, an owner’s insurance company should give them the deductible amount back. This subrogation process can take about seven months.

Recovering for Diminished Value

In Georgia, the diminished value can be recovered in two ways. If the at-fault party pays for the diminished value, this is considered a third-party diminished value claim. In this type of recovery, there are certain things that the owner of the damaged vehicle must do, such as sending a certified letter demanding a certain amount of compensation. If the insurance company does not respond in 60 days, the owner of the damaged car can file suit. If the verdict at court is at least the amount that the owner demanded, then the at-fault insurance company could be subject to the statutory penalty in the amount of 50 percent of the disputed amount or $5,000, whichever is more.

The other way to recover diminished value is if the vehicle owner chooses to invoke collision coverage and go through their own insurance company. This is a contractual deal between the owner and their insurance company because it is insured under collision coverage.

To learn more about what happens to a vehicle after a Norcross car accident, call an attorney today. Also, a lawyer could help you with your recovery following a car wreck.