Norcross Burn Injury Lawyer

Serious burn injuries may have lasting effects on someone’s life. For instance, individuals who sustain major heat-related injuries may have to live with muscle, organ, and bone damage for the rest of their lives.

If you sustained serious burn injuries in an accident, an experienced attorney could help you file a claim for damages. With the support of a Norcross burn injury lawyer, you may be able to obtain compensation for any medical expenses associated with your injuries in addition to the income you may have lost during recovery.

Types of Burn Injuries

While most minor burns may not require legal action, severe heat-related injuries may cause someone to sustain significant losses, and therefore, may warrant a lawsuit.

The more serious classes of heat-related injuries are known as third-degree and fourth-degree burns. People who suffer from these types of injuries may face longer periods of recovery time, and their normal routines may be disrupted.

In addition to destroying most of the layers of the skin, third-degree burns may impact the nervous system as well, sometimes permanently in the worst situations. Due to potential nerve damages, these individuals may not feel the effects of the burn immediately.

People who suffer fourth-degree burns typically sustain permanent scarring and disfigurement. Medical professionals consider these injuries to be medical emergencies that often require treatment in an intensive care unit (ICU). A qualified attorney could help an individual with burn injuries seek damages in Norcross based on the severity of their losses.

Potential Causes of Burn Accidents

To file a claim, a Norcross lawyer who is familiar with burn injuries must prove neglect or reckless behavior on the part of the defendant.  For instance, jobs that involve corrosive substances put employees at risk of sustaining burn injuries. If an employer fails to properly train their employees when handling when these chemicals they could be held liable for any harm that results.

Poor electrical wiring may also cause heat-related injuries. If an electrician incorrectly installs wiring or hardware, someone could suffer an electrical burn. In this scenario, an injured claimant may be able to hold the electrician responsible if they can prove that the defendant carelessly performed their occupational duties.

Statute of Limitations in Norcross

The statute of limitations is the official deadline for filing a civil claim. According to Official Code of Georgia Code §9-3-33, plaintiffs have two years from the day of their accident to file their lawsuit.

If a claimant fails to meet this statutory deadline, a court may dismiss their case, causing the injured party to lose their ability to recover compensation.  A lawyer in Norcross could work to ensure that a party meets the statute of limitations for their burn injury claim.

Speak with a Norcross Burn Injury Attorney

No matter the cause of your accident, the effects of a serious burn could cause you significant pain and losses. Fortunately, a Norcross burn injury lawyer could help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. Our attorneys could help you demand full compensation for your damages. To learn about our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, call 770-GOOD-LAW today.