Norcross Slip and Fall Lawyer

Property owners owe a legal duty of care to anyone lawfully present on their land. Therefore, when a landowner violates this duty, and someone suffers a fall injury, they might be held legally liable.

If you were injured on someone else’s property, consider reaching out to a Norcross slip and fall lawyer for help. Even when your injuries are apparent, the legal process to request compensation is often complicated and overwhelming for underprepared claimants. By retaining a well-versed attorney, you could have a legal guide to help you through each step.

Common Causes for Fall Injuries

A trip and fall injury can result from any hazardous or dangerous condition on a person’s property. Typical examples in Norcross stem from:

  • Puddles on the floor of a grocery store;
  • A sidewalk covered with ice or snow outside of a restaurant;
  • A loose handrail or faulty shelf at a department store; or
  • A faulty railing, step or deck on a private residence.

In any of these cases, the property owner—or business leasing and maintaining the property—might be considered liable for any costs incurred by a person injured after falling. However, determining this liability often requires the knowledge of a seasoned slip and fall lawyer.

The Legal Duty of Property Owners

The legal duty of care that landowners and certain lessees may owe towards others depends upon the status of the individual who suffered a fall injury. For instance, under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-3-1, landowners owe invitees—those whom an owner invites onto their properties as customers, patrons, or guests—the highest duty of care to keep them safe.

Because these property owners have chosen to open their property to the public, they are responsible for keeping their premises free of any hazards that might injure their paying customers.

Furthermore, O.C.G.A §51-3-2 governs the relevant duty of care between licensees and property owners. These individuals are free to come onto the property for their benefit, such as people who receive permission to hunt on someone else’s land. However, in this relationship, property owners only owe an obligation to refrain from inflicting willful or wanton injuries on licensees.

Similarly, according to O.C.G.A §51-3-3, property owners owe no duty to trespassers or those who are otherwise illegally present on their land—except to refrain from willful or wanton conduct. These nuances could be further explained to a Norcross resident by a knowledgeable trip and fall attorney.

Filing a Trip and Fall Claim in Norcross

As mentioned above, all property owners and, in some cases, those who rent and maintain property have some responsibility to protect others who are legally present on their property. Therefore, if a landowner breaches their duty of care, they might be considered to be negligent and be liable for medical expenses, wage loss and pain & suffering.

This might be done if a landowner neglects to address a spill hazard or faulty railing. Similarly, an injured claimant might simply be able to demonstrate that a property owner should have been aware of a hazard but failed to properly inspect or reasonably maintain their land.

Call a Norcross Slip and Fall Attorney for Legal Assistance

While some fall incidents may only result in minor bumps and bruises, a serious incident might lead to severe and even life-threatening injuries. If you or a loved one was injured after suffering a fall on someone’s property, a Norcross slip and fall lawyer might be able to help.

An attorney is familiar with these cases could work to assess your relationship to the landowner, gather evidence, and help to file a claim for compensation. If successful, you might be able to recover costs for medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. Call a legal professional to schedule a consultation today.