Norcross Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Because of the length of the trailer and tractor cab on commercial vehicles, truck drivers must take extra care to avoid getting involved in a blind spot collision with another motorist. Federal law mandates that commercial vehicles carry signage to warn other motorists of the dangers of such blind spots, but unfortunately, these warnings sometimes fail to prevent a negligent truck driver from causing an accident. If you sustained injuries in a blind spot truck accident, a seasoned truck crash lawyer could help you pursue financial damages for your losses. Call a Norcross blind spot truck accident lawyer today.

What are the Commercial Truck “No Zones”?

Large commercial trucks have four primary blind spots, one each side of the vehicle. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sponsors a program to educate drivers on how to avoid these blind spots or “no-zones.” According to the FMCSA’s recommendations, it is safest for motorists to travel a minimum of 20 feet at the front of or 30 feet behind a large commercial truck.

Motorists are also advised to avoid driving in either lane next to the truck. While these safety recommendations could help Norcross motorists avoid blind spot accidents with commercial vehicles, they do not release truck drivers of their duty to be viligent while traveling on the road with others.

Additionally, in some cases, driving in a truck’s “no zones” could be unavoidable. Still, a truck driver is obligated to exercise due care when operating on the roadway. When a truck driver causes a collision, a seasoned lawyer could pursue that driver for compensatory damages on behalf of an injured party.

Shared Fault

In cases where the injured driver bears a portion of the responsibility, the court may still allow them to recover damages following a blind spot truck wreck in Norcross. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-12-33 establishes that if the plaintiff contributes to the accident in question, the court may reduce their amount of recovery in proportion to their percentage of fault.

Under this statute, the injured party may have the opportunity to obtain at least partial damages, provided they are no more than 49 percent responsible for the accident that caused their injuries.

Otherwise, they could be barred from recovering any compensation. As such, it is critical to obtain the services of a skilled blind spot truck accident lawyer in Norcross who could evaluate whether a plaintiff’s comparative fault may impact their award.

Filing a Claim

To pursue a successful injury case, the claimant must file their claim within the statute of limitations. State law gives truck accident claimants two years from the date of the collision to bring their claim. If someone waits to pursue their case until after this deadline has passed, they could lose their right to recover compensation. Fortunately, a dedicated Norcross blind spot tractor-trailer accident attorney could help file a claim promptly.

Discuss Blind Spot Truck Wrecks with a Norcross Attorney

A Norcross blind spot truck accident lawyer could help you seek damages after you sustained injuries in a collision. More importantly, legal counsel could handle any obstacles with your claim while you focus on your recovery and getting your life back on track. Our dedicated attorneys could help relieve the burdens you may feel. If you need help with your case, call today.