Norcross Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

Rollover accidents occur when a large truck flips onto its roof or side due to a collision with an object or another vehicle. These accidents also may happen when reckless truckers drive at unsafe speeds and make sudden corrective maneuvers that cause the vehicle to roll. If a negligent driver caused you to sustain injuries in a rollover truck collision, a caring and qualified truck crash lawyer could help you pursue a range of compensatory damages for your losses. Call a Norcross rollover truck accident lawyer today.

How Do Rollover Truck Wrecks Occur?

Because of their large weight and size, semi-trucks and tractor-trailers can be more vulnerable to tipping over. Therefore, several scenarios may occur that could lead to a rollover truck wreck in Norcross. Some of these reasons may include:

  • A failure to balance the cargo properly;
  • Speeding;
  • Distracted truck drivers;
  • Having a high center of gravity;
  • Under-filled tanks; or
  • Uneven roadways.

While some of these scenarios involve factors that are out of the trucker’s control, others occur because of an operator’s misconduct. When the cause of someone’s accident is the careless actions of a truck driver, a rollover truck accident lawyer in Norcross could hold them responsible.

Possible Defendants

Norcross truck accidents where the vehicle rolls over can cause severe and life-threatening injuries. These devastating accidents lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, internal organ damage, a severed spinal cord, and death.

A skilled lawyer could review the circumstances of a crash, evaluate evidence, discuss the incident with witnesses, and investigate the truck’s condition at the time of the accident to determine who could be accountable. The potentially liable parties in a Norcross rollover accident may include:

  • The truck operator
  • The truck parts manufacturer;
  • The owner of the truck;
  • The owner of the goods or cargo;
  • The trucking company;
  • The individual responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the truck; or
  • Government entities who are responsible for road conditions.

Modified Comparative Fault

Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-11-7 establishes that a plaintiff may still be able to receive compensation for damages if they are partially to blame for their accident. If a court finds a claimant to be 49 percent or less responsible for their injuries, they could still pursue recovery. However, the court may reduce that award in proportion to their percentage of fault.
For example, if an injured party in Norcross is 10 percent at fault for a rollover truck wreck, they may only be able to claim 90 percent of their compensatory award. A well-practiced rollover truck collision attorney in Norcross could review the circumstances of a plaintiff’s case and determine if their actions leading up to their accident may impact their compensation.

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