Meeting with Insurance Companies in a Norcross Workers’ Comp Claim

Although workers’ compensation claims do not require injured claimants to prove negligence by any specific individual or entity, the process of seeking benefits is unfortunately not as simple as just telling your boss you got in an accident. Once your employer reports your injury to their workers’ compensation insurance provider, that insurance company will then start investigating your claim themselves—and, for any number of reasons, potentially rejecting it.

In order to maximize your chances of a successful workers’ comp claim, you will likely need to be prepared for negotiations with various insurance representatives and adjusters. Before meeting with insurance companies in a Norcross workers’ comp claim, it is always a good idea to seek counsel from a trusted attorney who knows all the tricks insurers may use to justify claim denials.

When Will an Injured Worker Interact with Insurance Reps?

Before an employer covered by workers’ compensation can receive benefits for a temporary or permanent work-related injury, they will need to convince their employer’s insurance provider that they actually suffered an injury that was directly related to their job duties. The first step of this process generally occurs after an employer notifies their insurer of an accident report from an injured worker, at which point an insurance adjuster will ask the injured worker for a statement.

Workers’ comp claimants are required to provide this statement so long as they are physically capable of doing so, and they must go into plenty of detail about what happened to them, what specific injuries—with correlating medical documentation—they suffered, and how those injuries have limited their day-to-day functionality. In some cases, insurance companies may even retain investigators who will tail the claimant outside of work to see if their statement matches their actual level of impairment.

Unfortunately, insurance providers are well-known for using small inconsistencies and missing pieces of information to justify grossly insufficient benefits, or even to reject workers’ comp claims outright. Because of this, it is often crucial for workers’ comp claimants in Norcross to have legal counsel present whenever meeting or interacting with insurance company representatives.

Preparing for a Settlement Negotiation Session

If a workplace accident leaves someone permanently disabled, a workers’ comp insurance provider may make that injured worker a settlement offer after that worker achieves maximum medical improvement based on their doctor’s opinion. In many cases, settlement negotiations take place in the presence of a neutral mediator, whose role is to ensure the discussion remains productive and does not put one side in an unfair position.

The exact value that a fair settlement should hold can depend on the claimant’s age, future earning capacity before and after their accident, family situation, and numerous other factors. A qualified attorney could discuss with an individual claimant what a fair offer would be based on their unique needs, and then advocate on that claimant’s behalf for a satisfactory final offer.

A Norcross Attorney Could Help Deal with Workers’ Comp Insurance Providers

No matter what they tell you or what they seem like during phone conversations or private meetings, it can be a dangerous mistake to assume workers’ compensation insurance companies have your best interests at heart. These companies are for-profit entities that are often all too happy to leave injured workers without any benefits at all if it means they can save money, so you should go into every negotiation prepared to fight for the compensation you need.

Meeting with insurance companies in a Norcross workers’ comp claim is generally much easier and much more effective when you have help from a knowledgeable legal professional. Get in touch today to find out how a workers’ compensation attorney could help in your situation.