Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Norcross Workers’ Compensation Claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be a complicated ordeal for anyone to go through, especially while you are still dealing with the effects of a debilitating injury or illness. However, it is crucial that you act both promptly and diligently during the filing process, since even small mistakes could have huge consequences in terms of the benefits you get and even whether your claim is accepted at all.

The most dependable way to ensure you do not inadvertently rob yourself of the benefits you need is to retain a workers’ compensation lawyer with experience handling cases like yours. As a basic primer, though, here are a few common mistakes to avoid when making a Norcross workers’ compensation claim.

Not Following All Applicable Procedures

It may seem pretty basic, but the fact is that far too many workers’ comp claims are doomed before they even start because potential claimants failed to perform the actions required of them under state law. For example, if a worker who gets hurt in a job-related accident does not report that accident to their employer within a month, they may be denied workers’ comp benefits even if they meet all other requirements for a valid claim.

In the same vein, anyone who wants to seek workers’ comp benefits effectively must ensure that they fill out their Form WC-14—which they can get from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation—completely and accurately. Although it is possible to appeal a claim rejection based on an incomplete form, it is a time-consuming process that is not guaranteed to work, so due diligence in filling out this form is always a plus.

Not Being Thorough When Describing an Injury

In Georgia, employees who want to seek workers’ comp benefits must seek treatment for their injury or illness from one of several options for medical care provided by their employer, generally picked from a Traditional Panel of Physicians or a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization. Any expenses associated with any kind of approved medical treatment will be covered by workers’ comp benefits, including prescription costs and physical therapy appointments.

However, when determining how severe an injury is and whether a worker suffered any long-term disability that justifies additional benefits, workers’ comp insurance providers will depend heavily on documentation from the worker’s healthcare providers, who are considered impartial third parties in this regard. Because of this, it is crucial to be totally honest with doctors and go into as much as detail as possible about the effects an injury has on day-to-day life. Providing this information will not have any employment consequences, and it could make a huge difference in what benefits become available.

Not Following Instructions from Doctors

Once a workplace accident victim receives a formal diagnosis, following their doctor’s orders is not just important to their physical health, but also to their workers’ comp claim. Failing to attend appointments, not taking prescribed medications, or returning to regular work too soon could be viewed as inhibiting the recovery process, which could lead to a loss of benefits. That being said, it is possible in some circumstances to contest a doctor’s opinion with help from a workers’ compensation lawyer, if another physician believes a different course of action is best for a particular patient.

A Norcross Attorney Could Help Avoid Common Workers’ Comp Claim Mistakes

A successful workers’ compensation claim could make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining your physical and financial security in the wake of an accident that keeps you out of work. However, even small errors made while pursuing workers’ comp benefits could have catastrophic implications for the outcome of your claim—and accordingly, for your future prospects.

Knowing what mistakes to avoid when making a Norcross workers’ compensation claim is virtually essential to getting a good result out of this process. To learn more about what you should and should not do when seeking benefits, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer today.