What to Do After a Work Accident in Norcross

Accidents in the workplace happen more often than most people consider. Besides construction sites and factories, work-related accidents can happen virtually anywhere: from schools to office buildings to hospitals. With the knowledge that any worker could suffer severe adverse consequences from an inability to work – lost wages and medical bills, amongst other considerations – Workers’ Compensation laws were enacted to propose a solution to what to do if a worker is injured during employment.

If you suffer from an injury or illness due to a work-related event, a Workers’ Compensation attorney can help ascertain your eligibility for benefits under the law. In Norcross, Workers’ Compensation is an accident insurance program paid by your employer, which may provide services depending upon the satisfaction of criteria if you were injured while working. Depending on the circumstances, the benefits may accommodate your return to work or provide benefits to dependents if a workplace accident was fatal. To learn more about what to do after a work accident in Norcross, get in touch with our offices today.

Importance of Seeking Medical Assistance

Regardless of the circumstances, the very first step after any workplace accident is to seek medical treatment. Depending upon the severity of the trauma, one should call emergency services to utilize an ambulance to seek emergency medical treatment. The discharge instructions administered by the emergency department should be followed strictly. Follow up with a primary care doctor to inform them of the accident and begin a treatment course shortly after.

Retaining the services of a Norcross Workers’ Compensation attorney can assist with developing a medical treatment plan. The attorney can provide advice regarding payments for medical treatment. The ultimate decision for a medical program will rest with the physicians. Depending upon the extent of the injuries, an injured worker may wish to seek a second opinion.

It is also important to document medical treatment in the event of a future challenge or claim denial. Personal records can help refresh a workplace accident victim’s memory long after the accident has happened.

Filing an Accident Report

Under Workers’ Compensation laws, employers are entitled to know of the details surrounding any workplace accident to investigate on their own and cure any hazard that may have contributed to the injury. In areas with Workers’ Compensation programs, including Norcross, lawsuits are generally unavailable as a recovery source. The Workers’ Compensation statutes were designed to avoid a formal suit to expedite recovery and lessen employers’ potential burdens.

An attorney should assist with completing any incident report as the information required is specific and may be scrutinized at a later hearing. Required details include witness identities; first-aid details; a description of the injury, illness, or exposure; and an accounting, in full, of how the accident transpired. An attorney may seek to obtain witness statements and conduct an independent inquiry into the matter before completing the formal report. This can assist with anticipating later challenges to the accident details. Inconsistencies in reporting could potentially lead to a denial of benefits.

The reporting requirement cannot be understated. Failing to timely notify an employer could result in the loss of benefits. The requisite form is provided by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Form WC-14, to file a claim.

Contact a Norcross Workers’ Compensation Attorney

After filing a claim, your employer must determine whether they will support your claim for benefits or issue a denial of the claim. Unlike other insurance programs, a Workers’ Compensation claim can be denied, leaving the worker without virtually any recourse for their injuries. A Norcross Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you navigate the applicable laws and statutes and represent your legal interests as you regain your health. Call today for more insight regarding what to do after a work accident in Norcross.