Norcross Wrongful Death Lawyer

While losing a loved one is always tragic, the impact may be even more devastating if their death was sudden or unexpected. If you suspect that the careless, reckless, or malicious behavior of someone else caused your loved one’s death, you might benefit from reaching out to a Norcross wrongful death lawyer during this difficult time.

By considering your circumstances, working to collect evidence, and explaining your rights, a compassionate attorney could help to shoulder the burdens of a legal claim. If successful, a claim might be able to provide financial support as you deal with the aftermath of this tragedy, allowing you to focus on spending time with your family.

How Are Wrongful Death Claims Filed in Norcross?

Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-4-2(a), surviving family members of a descendant might be eligible to file a wrongful death claim against an at-fault person, business, or entity. These claims are to hold the negligent party or parties accountable, as well as to provide compensation for the surviving family member’s losses.

However, only certain family members can bring a claim based on the untimely death of a loved one. For example, if a decedent has a surviving spouse, then they are often only the person who can file a claim. If the decedent and the surviving spouse have children, however, then the surviving spouse usually acts as a representative for those children.

Furthermore, when a decedent has no surviving spouse, then the ability to file a claim passes to the children of the decedent. If the decedent has no surviving spouse or children, however, then the right to take legal action falls to the administrator or executor of the deceased’s estate named in their will—according to O.C.G.A §51-4-5. Due to the nuances of this system in Norcross, anyone looking to file a claim may benefit from the counsel of a well-versed wrongful death attorney.

Recoverable Damages in Untimely Death Claims

Damages in wrongful death cases are based on the “full value of life” of the decedent, which includes both tangible and intangible elements. Tangible—or economic—damages may include compensation for medical bills accrued as a result of the accident and before death, as well as funeral and burial expenses. Additionally, a wrongful death suit also can include a claim for loss of current and future earnings.

Intangible damages, on the other hand, are often more difficult to calculate. These might include:

  • The deceased’s pain and suffering before death
  • Loss of financial support for dependent family members
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of familial support and parental guidance

Any damages awarded in an untimely death suit go toward the surviving spouse or children of the decedent, if any. A meticulous attorney could help to assess the scope of the losses incurred by a decedent’s surviving family to request fair compensation.

Consult a Norcross Wrongful Death Attorney for Help

If your loved one has died suddenly or unexpectedly, the idea of pursuing a legal claim may feel daunting or even petty. However, a successful claim might help to alleviate your financial burden and even bring some form of closure during this difficult time.

However, navigating the legal system alone is often complex. By working with a Norcross wrongful death lawyer, however, you could have help through each step. Whenever you feel ready, consider calling a caring attorney to schedule a consultation.