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We do not want to fool you with only good reviews. Don’t just listen to what attorneys say about themselves, listen to what their clients are saying about them! The REAL REVIEWS posted here are from REAL PEOPLE (the good, bad and the ugly). Our reviews show our way of business through the eyes of our clients. Reviews are updated and pulled from Google as we believe that reviews on Google CANNOT BE MANIPULATED, BANNED OR BOUGHT & PAID FOR. If you have experience with our firm, feel free to add onto the conversation! Post a review today!

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"Shocked by the amount recovered!"
"Great staff and communication!"
"Very happy with the results!"
"I would recommend you to everyone"
"All my questions were answered"
"Glad for the communication!"
Adrian Rodriguez - Hinesville, GA
Mrs. Kamesha Jones - Sugar Hill, GA
Adrain Smith - Stockbridge, GA
Christine Gant - Dacula, GA
Desiree Shepard- Dacula, GA
Regina Manuel - Marietta, GA
Rosa Salinas - Norcross, GA
Viola Reinoso - Norcross, GA
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I was referred to Alex’s firm in 2014 after I had a car accident. He met with me and we went through everything quite thoroughly. I knew what to expect and his firm handled everything on my behalf. It took a lot of pressure off me so I could simply heal. His firm stayed in close contact with me for both the property damage and personal injury. No one likes getting into an accident, and I was very happy with the attention and service he and his firm gave to my case. Thank you!

- Alyssa Banguilan

Wonderful firm! Always greets people with a smile and very polite workers. Attorney Alex and Crystal always kept me informed about my case. They took the time to sit down with me and explain everything. Just really great people! I will always recommend this firm, without a doubt. Thank you for everything and God Bless!

- Dylan Frew
I love everything they did for me

I love everything they did for me … I knew these cases take a while and I needed it to move along. They did just that for me. Ramon and his group of attorneys were so helpful which was easy on my anxiety and stress. Definitely Recommend! ❤️ -Daniella Morehead

- Daniella Morehead
Really glad we called 770-Good-Law

Really glad we called 770-Good-Law, and highly recommend to anyone. Even if you’re not sure you need an attorney, should give this office a call. The team guided us through the entire process, from beginning to end, and kept us informed of the case status. Most importantly, they made sure we received fair compensation. Thanks 7GL for your help – and special thanks to Thomas and Ramon whom were very professional all the while sympathetic to our needs.

- Henri Bui
DO NOT hesitate to call Alex Nguyen

If you ever need a car accident lawyer DO NOT hesitate to call Alex Nguyen at 770-GOOD-LAW. After getting into an accident last June with my 2 small children in the car, I called 770-GOOD-LAW and made an appointment with Alex immediately. He was very professional, reassuring, and he patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions. Ramon Espinet (my case manager) was always very friendly and helpful in getting everything handled as it should be. He coordinated a rental car quickly and got my car and even both kid’s car seats paid for quickly. I would definitely recommend 770-GOOD-LAW to anyone who needs a car accident lawyer. 770-GOOD-LAW cares about their clients and it shows!

- Ashley Griffin

This firm is great. The day I came in, they had a buffet table full of popeyes chicken. As anyone would do in my situation, I grabbed a plateful of the deliciousness and ate in the corner. But I digress. As I was finishing my last drumstick, I was greeted by a fellow name Thomas. He was knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and understood my whole situation. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. Overall top notch law firm.

- Johnson Le

I was referred to the Law Office of Alex Nguyen by another attorney. I was immediately invited to meet with Alex to discuss my case. The entire staff was warm and friendly while Alex laid out exactly what I could expect over the coming months from my case. Over the ensuing months, I would mostly interact with my case manager who was just as attentive in following up with me regarding my treatment and providing case updates as necessary. If I needed to reach Alex, he was always accessible. The few times I went to their office to discuss case milestones, sign documents, etc., I was greeted promptly, showered with cool tee-shirts and mugs, and reassured about my case. I’m definitely happy I choose the Law Office of Alex Nguyen not just because they delivered a settlement greater than anticipated, but also because I feel like Alex along with the rest of the staff genuinely cared about me as a person and not just a dollar sign. I just want to thank everyone at the Law Office of Alex Nguyen for all their hard work and dedication. It did not go unnoticed..

- Ryan Margerum

Esta compania es buena lo digo por experiensia porque eyos tienen mi caso y grasias a Dios y a abogado alex y su personal todo se esta logrando grasias a todo el personal de esta compnia Dios melos bendiga

- Joel Junay Marroquin

This firm has done a marvelous job in handling my case. They do amazing work and I was very lucky to have an exceptional team to help me through a difficult situation. I would definitely use them again. Thank You

- Sandra Contreras

Alex is a very compassionate lawyer who cares for his clients and his community!! One of the best lawyers in the ATL!

- Amy Chomthakham

Alex will come to you for free consultation and you’ll get a t-shirt. He’s super patient when explaining the legal steps to take action after an accident. Great guy and he’s the best legal representation for your personal injury needs.

- Randy M. Muth

everyone at this firm is very positive and I would highly recommend

- Ziming Ho

I’m so grateful to this group. The people at this law firm were understanding and patient with my case. They walked me step by step through my process and if I didn’t understand something, they were available to explain it to me. I highly recommend their case manager Thomas Tran, who went out of his way to help.

- Thuy Tran

A hard working office with a charismatic lead attorney, this law office will go far. Not only working tirelessly for his clients, Attorney Alex Nguyen’s also spending countless hours getting involved with local political leaders, business men, clergymen, and non-profit organizations to enrich the community.

- Hoang Dai Xuan Lai

Out of all the attorneys that i have hired in the past,Alex definitely takes the cake as he is extremely prepared and his team is very communicative as well. They even offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and not have to pay a penny! Would recommend this firm to anyone interesting in hiring a n attorney!

- Sheyen Chiliana
I wouldn't advise anyone to let this law firm represent them in court

I wouldn’t advise anyone to let this law firm represent them in court. theyre money hungry and only care about money going in their pockets. you’re better off representing yourself in court.

- Sean Bradley
Go Somewhere Else

Go somewhere else!! They took so long and never return your calls or voicemails. Don’t go here waste of time

- Cynthia Rosas
Our Response

Thank you for the feedback, Cynthia. We have made it now where each client will have access to his/her team of case manager, paralegal, attorney and the managing partner by having a group text between each client and his/her team. We hope that will address the communication problem.

They Delete All Bad Reviews, They soon will delete mine

If I could I would give them 0 star they did not help me at all they made my case worst they did not help me with my car or injured I had to do everything myself the calls n always try to search for them n Presley Trevino would hang up on me all the time they left me with a bill of 600 dollars because they never told me I had to return the rental car I had to change lawyer As soon as possible because I was doing everything myself to get information from my case n my car n also they deleted all the bad views they had this lawyers are a scam they soon will delete my.

- Shanik Ojeda
Our Response

Shanik, I am sorry that our firm cannot help you. Once in a while, we are faced with a situation that we cannot offer any resolution. For example, if someone purchased a vehicle for $37,000 without buying GAP insurance and totaled that vehicle a few months later and the vehicle is only worth $27,500 on the market then there will be a negative equity in the vehicle for $9,500. The financing of a vehicle is different than the fair market value of the same vehicle: hence, that is why there is GAP insurance to cover such an unfortunate situation.


You will be 100% SATISFIED. If you are not 100% satisfied during the first 30 days, we will give you your file back with NO FEES OR COSTS. We will coordinate your RENTAL and the REPAIR of your vehicle for FREE. Each client will have CONTINUOUS COMMUNICATION via a group text with his/her case manager, paralegal, attorney and the managing partner. Client will ALWAYS take home MORE MONEY than our fees.

Don’t Be Fooled Into Paying Too Much!
You will ALWAYS take home more money than our fees. Coordination of your rental & repairs for FREE. Continuous Communication with your team via a group text. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.