Appealing a Riverdale Car Accident Case

Whether you seek compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident through an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit, obtaining a positive case resolution can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. Fortunately, a claim denial or unfavorable decision in civil court does not necessarily have to be the end of your case.

Appealing a Riverdale car accident case is not appropriate in every situation, so you should speak with a car accident lawyer about your options before committing to any course of action. If you do have grounds to challenge the outcome of your case, though, your attorney could walk you through the process and work diligently to ensure a fair decision is made.

Responding to an Unfair Insurance Claim Denial

Many insurance companies in Georgia and across the United States are infamous for using all manner of excuses, technicalities, and underhanded tactics to deny paying out on policyholders’ claims. Sometimes, car insurance providers deny valid claims based on a lack of important information, a misunderstanding of the circumstances, or simple bad faith meant to preserve company profits at the expense of accident victims.

Anyone who wants to appeal a denial letter from their insurance provider for a claim filed after a Riverdale car accident should first send a formal response to their insurer outlining why their stated reasons for denying the claim—or, as the case may be, making an insufficient settlement offer—are invalid, or providing additional information to clarify their need for financial restitution. Assistance from legal counsel can be critical to making this letter as comprehensive and convincing as possible.

If the insurance company still refuses to offer appropriate compensation, the next step is to contact the Georgia Department of Insurance and file a claim alleging bad faith on the insurer’s part. If the Insurance Commissioner agrees that a claim denial occurred in bad faith, the impacted policyholder may have grounds to file suit against their insurer and recover the compensation they were originally owed as well as additional damages.

Appealing a Civil Court Decision

Importantly, civil plaintiffs in Riverdale cannot appeal a judge or jury’s decision on a car accident claim just because they are dissatisfied with the amount of compensation they were or were not awarded. In order to appeal a civil verdict successfully, a plaintiff and their appellate attorney must be able to prove that some kind of procedural error, bad-faith action, or improper interference by the defense led to an invalid case outcome.

Depending on the circumstances, the appeals process for a personal injury case can take several years, and while a successful appeal could lead to the plaintiff getting the compensation they originally sought plus interest, the plaintiff cannot seek additional compensation through an appeal. A conversation with a knowledgeable car crash lawyer could help clarify for an individual accident victim whether their circumstances allow for an appeal to be pursued.

A Riverdale Attorney Could Help with the Car Accident Appeals Process

After a serious auto accident, financial recovery through an insurance claim, civil verdict, private settlement, or some combination of the three can be crucial to ensuring you can live a normal life in the months and years to come. Accordingly, if your civil case had an unsatisfactory ending because of a procedural mistake or an intentionally malicious act, you do not have to accept that unfair outcome without a fight.

Once retained, a seasoned lawyer could stand by your side all the way through the process of appealing a Riverdale car accident case. To schedule a meeting and discuss your situation, call today.