Bad Weather Car Accidents in Riverdale

Changing weather conditions in Georgia can result in serious motor vehicle accidents. Bad weather can put even the most careful drivers at risk of devastating harm.

If you suffered harm in a crash caused by poor weather conditions, you should reach out to a local attorney with experience in cases involving bad weather car accidents in Riverdale. Our team of legal professionals could investigate your accident to see if we could help you pursue a claim for damages against another driver for negligent or reckless driving. We would also work with you to negotiate a fair settlement from your insurance company.

Types of Weather that can Lead to Crashes in Riverdale

Bad weather has a larger impact on some roads than on others. Roadways with sharp turns, steep slopes, and uneven surfaces are particularly dangerous to motorists in poor weather. Often, roadways have warning signs alerting motorists to potential dangers in bad weather, but, even without those warning signs, drivers need to be careful. Many different weather conditions can result in crashes in the Riverdale area. The following are some types of dangerous weather conditions:

  • Slippery rain that causes vehicles to hydroplane or veer out of control
  • Heavy rain and puddling that causes cars to lose traction or become submerged
  • Fog that reduces visibility
  • Icy pavement that causes drivers to lose control
  • Snow that reduces visibility and traction on the roads
  • Heavy winds that can hinder visibility and cause debris to move into roadways

Skilled local attorneys have had success in working with cases involving many different types of bad weather.

Drivers Need to Change How They Drive in Poor Weather

Drivers need to be aware that changing weather can impact their ability to drive safely. They need to modify how they drive to accommodate those changing weather conditions. To ensure the safety of everyone else on the road, motorists need to drive cautiously and skillfully in bad weather, and practice the following safe driving techniques:

  • Slow down
  • Put cellphones and other items that could distract out of reach and pay full attention to the road
  • Leave extra space between themselves in poor weather conditions and the vehicle in front of them to allow for an abrupt stop
  • Turn on fog lights in a storm or if it is foggy outside
  • Before driving on a particularly cold day, check to ensure that their tires are properly inflated and that the cold has not caused them to lose air which could cause a tire to blowout, making the car lose control
  • When slipping on icy roads, learn how to turn in the direction of a skid
  • Wait out the storm and pull over if it gets particularly hazardous

A driver who fails to observe these safety precautions when driving in poor weather would be negligent or reckless. If they cause an accident, a court could hold them legally responsible for any damages. Skilled local attorneys could help pursue a claim against an at-fault driver by reviewing the evidence from the accident scene, such as weather reports, police reports, eyewitness testimony, and traffic camera footage in order to demonstrate how the at-fault driver’s failure to modify their driving to accommodate weather changes caused the accident.

Get Help After a Riverdale Bad Weather Car Crash

Even if there was no other driver at fault for the accident, our firm could negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company. In some instances, our attorneys could also pursue a claim against the local government agency in charge of maintaining the roads. Our firm could also investigate how long the bad road conditions existed, and determine if the local government entity should have cleared them sooner.

If you drove responsibly and still sustained injuries in one of the many bad weather car accidents in Riverdale, you need help. Our firm would work to get you the compensation you deserve from your insurance agency, the at-fault driver, or the government entity in charge of road maintenance. Reach out to us today.