Common Causes of Riverdale Car Accidents

Every year, many people sustain serious injuries or die in Georgia car accidents. Many of those injuries and deaths could have been prevented if not for human error. If the drivers had been aware of the most common causes of Riverdale car accidents, they could have tried to avoid the at-fault behaviors themselves and been on the lookout for suspicious, similar actions in other drivers.

If a car crash recently hurt you, it is essential to understand what caused it and if anyone else bears legal responsibility for the property damage and personal injuries resulting from the accident. It could be helpful to speak with a skilled local attorney who can explain your options and your rights and help you move forward.

Speeding and Distracted Driving

Driving faster than the posted speed limit can lead to serious injuries. Even if people are in a hurry, they need to drive responsibly to avoid accidents.

Drivers need to pay attention when they are behind the wheel. Any activity which forces the driver to take their focus off of the road can cause a crash. Some examples of distracted driving are texting, changing the radio station, talking with passengers, applying makeup, or eating.

Aggressive Driving and Teenage Drivers

When people’s driving reflects their emotions, it can be dangerous. If drivers are frustrated or angry, they may drive more recklessly. Some examples of aggressive driving are tailgating, speeding, lane blocking, and failure to use turn signals. People need to remain calm when behind the wheel.

Inexperienced drivers, such as teenagers, often make poor driving decisions that can cause crashes.

Drunk Driving and Driver Fatigue

When people are intoxicated or using drugs, they are much more likely to make a mistake while driving. Alcohol and drugs negatively impact a driver’s reaction time, as well as their ability to concentrate.

Being overly tired can cause drivers to fall asleep behind the wheel. Drivers who attempt to fight off falling asleep may also not pay close enough attention to their driving duties. Commercial truck drivers or other drivers who spend extended periods of time behind the wheel on long trips are especially prone to fatigue. They need to take precautions to stay awake and vigilant as they drive.

Bad Weather and Defects or Problems in the Road

Bad weather can lead to poor visibility and slippery roads. If a driver cannot see through rain or snow, they need to pull over and stop until the conditions clear.

Sometimes drivers encounter unexpected defects in the road, such as potholes. When drivers try to drive around them, they may end up swerving into another lane and hitting another car.

Defective or Dangerous Car Parts

Sometimes flaws in cars cause accidents. Some car parts can become defective over time because cars need regular service and maintenance to ensure that all of their parts stay in proper working order. Other car parts may be inherently defective. A local attorney could look into whether the car involved in an accident was subject to any outstanding recalls for any faulty parts, such as airbags or tires, that could lead to dangerous accidents.

Animals Crossing the Road and Navigating Construction Zones

There is often nothing that a driver can do when a deer or other animal suddenly runs in front of them. Hitting an animal can severely damage a car and cause it to crash into other vehicles.

Driving through construction zones can be confusing. Without proper instruction and supervision, drivers may end up driving into oncoming traffic.

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Whenever you are behind the wheel, you need to be aware of the most common causes of Riverdale car accidents. If you are unable to prevent an accident, it is essential to reach out to a qualified local attorney who has experience identifying and proving what caused an accident. A skilled lawyer will help you receive fair compensation from the person responsible for causing your injuries. Call today.