Dealing with Insurance After a Riverdale Car Accident

Like virtually every other state, Georgia requires all car owners to obtain at least a minimum amount of insurance in case they get into an accident. Unfortunately, just because you are mandated to carry insurance does not mean that getting compensation after a serious accident is easy, or that even your own insurer will not fight to avoid paying for the full value of your claim.

When it comes to dealing with insurance after a Riverdale car accident, it is best to have a qualified car accident lawyer in your corner who could take the lead on settlement negotiations. If necessary, a skilled attorney could also help you appeal a claim denial or insufficient settlement offer, or even pursue legal action against your insurer if they continually act in bad faith.

What Damages Could Insurance Cover?

Under state law, drivers in Riverdale must maintain minimum amounts of liability coverage that will provide compensation to third parties in the event the policyholder causes a car accident. Specifically, they must have at least $25,000 of coverage for an individual person’s injury or death, $50,000 for all injuries or fatalities stemming from a single wreck, and $25,000 for all property damage stemming from a single wreck.

If an insurance provider accepts a claim made on a basic car insurance policy, they would generally provide compensation up to the maximum amounts of coverage stated in the policy for economic damages related to the crash. These may include medical expenses for both emergency and rehabilitative care, the costs of repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle, and certain other quantitative losses suffered by the filing party.

Notably, though, a person injured in a Riverdale car accident cannot seek restitution for non-economic damages through an insurance claim. Furthermore, while insurers in Georgia are required to offer uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, policyholders are not required to purchase it. If someone without this coverage then gets into a wreck caused by someone without insurance, or without enough insurance coverage to cover all their losses, their only option for seeking full financial restitution may be to file suit directly against the negligent party.

Negotiating for a Fair Settlement Offer

In ideal circumstances, a policyholder who pays their premiums on time and submits a valid claim soon after getting into a car accident should receive prompt and comprehensive coverage from their insurer. However, as far too many people in Riverdale can likely attest, dealing with insurance after an auto accident can be a prolonged and torturous endeavor that is not guaranteed to have a positive outcome.

In the interest of preserving profits at policyholders’ expenses, many insurance companies do their best to underpay claims or even refuse to pay out any compensation at all. Because of this, it is almost never a good idea to accept an initial insurance settlement offer without first discussing it with legal counsel.

Seek Help with Car Accident Insurance Claims from a Riverdale Attorney

Even if fault for an accident is obvious and you have plenty of documentation to support your claim, pursuing a fair settlement offer from a car insurance provider can often feel like trying to get blood from a stone. Fortunately, retaining a car accident attorney early on in this process is a great way to show your insurance provider that you will not be taken advantage of, and that you are willing to fight for what you deserve.

Help from legal representation can make a huge difference when dealing with insurance after a Riverdale car accident. To find out how an attorney could assist you, call today.