Expert Witnesses in Riverdale Car Accident Cases

If you file a personal injury case to seek financial compensation for injuries you have sustained in a car accident, you will have the burden of showing both who was at fault for the accident and the harm or damages you suffered. In many cases, expert witnesses can provide critical testimony to support your claim. In the event you file a personal injury lawsuit, an experienced attorney could provide helpful advice on the effective use of expert witnesses in Riverdale car accident cases.

Defining Expert Witnesses in Riverdale Car Accidents

In a Georgia personal injury lawsuit, there are generally two types of witnesses who can testify in support of the injured person’s case. The first is an accident scene witness, who may be called to describe what they saw at the scene of the accident. The injured party typically calls one or more witnesses to the accident to support their argument of who was at fault.

Georgia law also allows the calling of an expert witness, defined as a person with scientific, technical, or some other specialized knowledge that helps the judge or jury understand a particular piece of evidence or an ultimate fact in issue. GA Code § 24-7-702. The expert witness can provide their professional opinion on the evidence provided by other witnesses if their testimony meets three requirements:

  • Their expert opinion is based upon sufficient facts or data
  • Their expert opinion is the product of reliable principles and methods, and
  • The expert witness has applied those reliable principles and methods reliably to the facts of the case

See GA Code § 24-7-702(b).

Using Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

Expert witnesses can serve many roles in a Riverdale car accident case. The type of expert witness needed in a particular case depends on the facts of the individual case.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Expert witnesses are often called to recreate and rebuild the chain of events that led up to the automobile accident. They use the evidence that has been introduced in the case to create an overall narrative of how the crash occurred, possibly showing a link between the accident and the injuries sustained.

Highway Safety Specialists

In cases where there is evidence about unfavorable road conditions, highway safety experts may be called to testify about the condition of the road and how it impacted the motor vehicles involved in the accident. This testimony can be helpful in determining whether any of the drivers were at fault for failing to modify their speed or driving behavior to accommodate road conditions.

Medical Experts

In personal injury cases, the injured party often calls on medical professionals to testify regarding the nature and extent of the injuries they have suffered and what treatment was required. Medical experts may include mental health professionals who testify regarding any mental or emotional suffering endured by the injured party because of the accident.


Economists are often called as expert witnesses in personal injury cases where the injured person has lost present income and possible future earning capacity because of the accident. Economists can help monetize the person’s future earning capacity based on the evidence of their education and work experience.

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An expert witness can support your claim for damages by helping the fact finders better understand your case. Familiarity with how to best use expert witnesses in Riverdale car accident cases is a good reason to seek legal help with your personal injury lawsuit. To learn more, reach out to a local car accident attorney today.