Riverdale Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

In comparison to rear-end car accidents, it is typically more challenging to identify the at-fault driver. In many cases, the chain of events preceding a crash must be reviewed. Establishing fault can be a time-consuming and stressful process.

If you were injured in a front-end car accident, you might benefit from speaking to a skilled attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Riverdale front-end car accident lawyer could help prove the car accident resulted from the negligence or recklessness of another driver by preparing your case.

Definition of Front-End Car Accidents

A front-end accident refers to a crash where a driver sustains damage to the front-end of their vehicle. Typically, this damage results during a wreck with the front end of another car.

Not all front-end car accidents are head-on collisions. Many front-end accidents occur when a driver is pulling out of a garage, a car driving in the opposite direction veers out of its lane, or when two vehicles meet at an intersection.

Under the circumstances of a front-end car accident, establishing fault can be challenging. An experienced attorney could help a potential plaintiff assign fault in a front-end collision.

Damages in Front-End Car Accidents

Civil car accident cases generally center on the concept of negligence. Negligence law in Riverdale would hold a driver responsible for a front-end car accident if they operated their motor vehicle in an unsafe manner preceding the collision.

A negligent driver and their insurance company might need to compensate anyone injured if the driver’s negligence caused the injuries. These damages often include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A seasoned collision lawyer could help a potential plaintiff claim damages in a lawsuit. For instance, an attorney could consult with a medical expert to assess medical expenses that a potential plaintiff will likely incur.

Establishing Liability in Front-End Collisions

Multiple parties may be liable in some front-end car accidents, such as a negligent driver and the injured person. Atlanta’s modified comparative negligence law applies when the victim of a front-end collision is partially responsible.

A judge or jury may require each party responsible for the front-end car accident to be liable for a percentage of the damages, as established in Riverdale Code §51-12-33. A judge or jury allocates this percentage in proportion to the responsible party’s fault. Accordingly, an injured party in a front-end collision that is also partially at fault may recover some of their damages.

Determining fault is crucial in a front-end car accident case. An injured party determined by a judge or jury to be over 50 percent at fault for the front-end accident will be prevented from recovering damages. An attorney could help an injured party hold the responsible party liable for damages and recover financial compensation for their injuries.

How a Riverdale Front-End Car Accident Attorney Could Help

Unfortunately, front-end car accidents often cause substantial property and physical harm to those injured. Proving fault in these devastating collisions is often tricky. Many injured parties become understandably frustrated by the legal process.

Fortunately, injured parties have the option to receive assistance from an attorney. A qualified Riverdale front-end car accident lawyer could prepare a persuasive case and negotiate with demanding insurance companies in your best interest. Call our firm today to schedule an initial consultation.