Hit and Run Car Accidents in Riverdale

Any car crash can result in vehicle damage, physical injuries, emotional pain, and financial debt. A victim of a hit and run crash faces even more challenges, though, because if the at-fault driver leaves the scene of the accident, they abandon their legal responsibilities. There is no one to blame for the accident, which means that the accident victim may need to assume the sole financial costs of repairing their damaged vehicle and paying for their medical treatments, all while covering their own lost wages if they are unable to go back to work due to their injuries.

If the driver of the car that hit you fled from the scene, you should reach out to a car accident lawyer with experience in hit and run car accidents in Riverdale. They will work aggressively to obtain you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

What is a Hit and Run?

Any type of accident where the driver knowingly flees from the scene is a hit and run. A hit and run occurs when a driver hits an object, a person, or another vehicle, and leaves without giving their contact or insurance information. Some of these accidents cause just minor vehicle damage, such as when a driver scrapes the side of another parked car while backing out of their parking space, and then leaves the parking lot without leaving behind a note with their contact information. Other times, these accidents can result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities, such as when a car hits a pedestrian and then drives off before someone can identify them.

Why Would a Driver Flee from an Accident?

After an accident, drivers sometimes panic and make rash, bad decisions. In addition, some drivers flee for the following reasons:

There are many reasons why a driver may flee from the scene. Just because the driver has sped away does not mean that the victim of a hit and run should have to face the consequences of a serious collision alone. Our team of hit and run accident lawyers is ready to help obtain a financial recovery.

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run in Riverdale

After a hit and run, people need to gather as much information about the accident as they can. If possible, they should look at the fleeing car to see in what direction it is headed, if it sustained any visible damage, and if they can make out the license plate number, color, make, or model. They should also contact the police to file a report. They should get the contact information from possible witnesses. They should seek medical attention even if they do not see evidence of major injuries because sometimes, seemingly insignificant injuries can transform into chronic pain and result in permanent damage.

As soon as possible after a hit and run, people should also reach out to skilled local accident attorneys for assistance. Our team of attorneys could help explain the available options. They could help investigate the accident by interviewing eyewitnesses and reviewing traffic camera footage. If the police are able to identify the at-fault driver, our attorneys could inform and educate people about an ongoing criminal prosecution, while simultaneously helping them to pursue a civil case for monetary damages. If the police cannot find the driver, our attorneys could work their hardest to obtain a fair settlement for all sustained injuries from the insurance company in an uninsured motorist claim.

Call for Help from a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Riverdale

Hit and run car accidents in Riverdale can upend your life. It is crucial to obtain dedicated legal assistance to help you understand your rights and options as you move forward with your recovery. Reach out for help today.