Meeting with a Doctor After a Riverdale Car Accident

If you have been in a vehicle crash, seeing to your health should be your priority. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, a visit to the doctor or the emergency room is imperative. It will not only ensure that you get any treatment you require as soon as possible, but immediate medical care could support a claim for damages later.

Calling an attorney should be your next step after meeting with a doctor after a Riverdale car accident. A legal professional could help you evaluate your options to get compensation for your losses.

Prompt Care Connects Injury to Wreck

When an injury does not seem serious enough to require transport in an ambulance, many car accident victims wait to see a doctor or never go at all. Medically, this decision is unwise because the symptoms of many common car accident injuries– such as whiplash, concussion, joint injuries, and soft tissue injuries–might present only mild symptoms and no symptoms at all in the hours immediately following the crash. In addition, adrenaline masks pain, so an injured person might not feel an injury until some time has passed.

Immediate medical evaluation assures that the injured person receives a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Swift treatment also could prevent the injury from worsening and help avoid complications.

From a legal standpoint, timely medical care could defeat an at-fault driver’s allegation that the accident did not cause the innocent driver’s injuries. Insurers often contend either that an injury is unrelated to an accident or that the innocent driver is faking or exaggerating an injury to increase their damages. A savvy accident attorney could present medical records generated soon after an accident to prove that those assertions are false.

Will My Health Insurance Pay?

If you have health insurance, you should set up appointments with medical providers through your insurance plan, and see them as you would if you had a medical issue unrelated to a car accident. Your health insurer might later seek reimbursement from any settlement you receive through a process called subrogation, which is allowed under the Official Georgia Code Annotated §33-24-56.1. An experienced accident attorney could explain how the subrogation process might work in your particular case.

If you have no health insurance, your legal representative could recommend providers who might be willing to treat you without immediate charge. Generally, these providers will put a lien on any settlement you receive in return for their services.

What About Prior Accidents and Pre-Existing Conditions?

A driver who has an old injury from a prior accident or a pre-existing condition should let their medical provider know even if it does not seem relevant to their current complaints. In the weeks and months after the accident, injured drivers should be assertive about mentioning changes in how they feel and function to their medical providers and cooperate in getting any diagnostic tests the providers recommend. The records of these medical visits and tests can bolster an injured driver’s claim that the crash worsened their prior injury or pre-existing condition.

Sometimes drivers mistakenly believe that a pre-existing condition might weaken their claim for damages. Insurers might indeed raise the issue in an attempt to lessen their liability, but with adequate medical records, a skillful attorney could counter that assertion and force the liable party to pay for the worsening of the innocent driver’s condition.

Be Candid, Compliant With Your Doctor

Medical records are critical to the success of a claim for injuries. Even people accustomed to toughing out an injury should be very forthright about the effect an accident has on their comfort, functioning, and general wellbeing. Any negative impact from the accident could be the basis of a claim for damages.

Damages could and should include any impacts on an injured driver’s mental health. Depression, anxiety, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder might result from vehicle accidents. Discuss any mental health symptoms with a medical professional for the purposes of getting help, and also to document the emotional effect of the crash.

It is critical to follow medical advice after an accident. A failure to comply with a treatment regimen allows an at-fault driver to assert that the injured person is responsible for the worsening of their condition or failure to heal.

Entrust Your Car Accident Claim to a Compassionate Attorney

Recovering from car accident injuries requires time and emotional space. Handling aggressive insurance adjusters whose job is to pay as little as possible is not something you should make time for when meeting with a doctor after a Riverdale car accident.

Hand your case over to a Riverdale car accident lawyer to get knowledgeable counsel from a professional who knows how to get injured drivers the settlements they deserve. You have a limited time to act, so schedule your consultation as soon as possible after your injury.