Mistakes to Avoid After a Riverdale Car Accident

Being in a car crash is scary, but you need to act calmly. What you do in the minutes and days to follow can have a lasting impact on your future. While nobody wants or expects to be in a bad car crash, it is helpful to be prepared in case you are ever involved in an accident. Our team of dedicated lawyers is available to meet with you at any step along the way. It is essential to know what steps you should take, but it is also crucial to be aware of all of the mistakes to avoid after a Riverdale car accident.

Not Calling for Police Assistance and Making an Admission of Fault

Sometimes, people fail to contact the police because they figure that they can handle the matter between themselves. Even after a minor fender bender, though, it is important to contact the police. The police can tell everyone involved what they should do. The police can also help assess the damage and get help for any medical injuries. Since they have so much experience with car crashes, they know exactly how to gather evidence and might be able to determine what caused the accident.

Even if a driver suspects that they made a mistake, they should never apologize or admit fault to another driver or the police. Although a driver may bear some responsibility for an accident, such as by driving slightly over the speed limit, after an investigation of all of the evidence, they may find that the other driver was more at fault, such as by driving through a red light.

Not Getting Information from Everyone at the Scene

If there is more than one car involved in an accident, it is essential to get the name, phone number, email address, insurance name, and insurance policy number from all drivers.

Since determining what caused an accident can be challenging, it is often helpful to talk to people who witnessed a crash to see if they observed any of the drivers doing something wrong, such as texting at the time of the crash.

Deciding Not to File an Insurance Claim and Forgoing Medical Attention

In order to avoid an increase in insurance premiums, people often fail to file claims with their insurance company, especially if they believe that the accident was somehow their fault. However, if there is extensive property damage or severe personal injuries, paying out of pocket may not be feasible.

Right after an accident, if a person is not in any pain, they may decide not to have a paramedic or doctor check them out. There may be a delay before symptoms of injuries appear, however.

Accepting a Quick Settlement and Not Working with an Attorney

Sometimes, in their haste to put the hassle of the accident behind them, people may settle for the first offer from the other driver’s insurance company. Generally, the first offer is too low, and an experienced attorney can help raise it to a more acceptable number.

If another driver was at fault for an accident, a skilled local attorney could help investigate the cause, prove liability, and negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to obtain a full and fair settlement offer.

Avoid Making Some of the Most Common Mistakes After a Riverdale Car Accident

If you are ever a party to a crash, you should be aware of the most common mistakes to avoid after a Riverdale car accident. You should try to maintain your composure, work through all of the steps, and, most importantly, get in touch with a skilled local lawyer. Our team of lawyers would pursue the compensation that you deserve. Schedule an initial consultation today.