Riverdale Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Most major accidents occur at high speeds and happen on a road or highway. That said, you might be surprised to learn that devastating injuries are possible in a parking lot accident. If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a parking lot crash, a dedicated injury attorney could provide you with useful legal guidance.

You are entitled to pursue legal action if the negligence of another person is responsible for your injuries. These claims could result in compensation for your medical bills and other expenses if they are successful. No matter your specific losses, a Riverdale parking lot accident lawyer could advise on your best option for recovering damages.

Factors in a Parking Lot Crash

Parking lot accidents can occur in many ways. This is true in part because of how different parking lots can be. They could include multi-level parking decks with well-marked lines and traffic signs. They could also consist of little more than a flat piece of pavement with little to no direction at all.

Most of the factors in a parking lot accident relate to human behavior, though. This includes not only the actions of other motorists but pedestrians as well. Drivers can cause parking lot accidents by traveling at unsafe speeds, backing out of parking spots without looking, or going the wrong direction down one-way aisles. Pedestrians could lead to a vehicle collision by wandering in front of traffic or leaving a shopping cart unattended in an aisle.

Some accidents will have more to do with the property itself. Unsafe lots, unmarked construction zones, and inadequate lighting could all play a role in a parking lot crash. Under any of these circumstances, a Riverdale attorney could help pursue compensation for a person injured in a parking lot accident.

Is there a Right of Way in a Parking Lot in Riverdale?

Much like with certain street accidents, determining fault in a parking lot accident can boil down to the right of way. When two motorists desire to enter the same space at the same time, the driver that is entitled to go first has the right of way. This is important because violating the right of way could result in liability for a parking lot accident.

The right of way differs depending on the circumstances of the crash. Generally, drivers that are established in a parking lot aisle will have the right of way versus those in a parking spot. This means drivers backing out of parking spots have a duty of care to watch for vehicles before reversing. The failure to do so could result in civil liability.

The right of way can vary when two aisles intersect. Many parking lots lack stop signs, making it challenging to identify which party is entitled to go first. Generally, a driver attempting to enter an aisle from a separate thoroughfare should wait for any traffic already established in the aisle. Should they fail to do so and cause a parking lot accident, a Riverdale attorney could hold them responsible through a civil lawsuit.

Call a Riverdale Parking Lot Accident Attorney Right Away

If you suffer injuries in a parking lot collision, you should seek medical care immediately. After your injuries are dealt with, seeing to your legal rights could be an important next step.

A Riverdale parking accident lawyer could assist you in pursuing the financial compensation you are entitled to. Call immediately for a consultation.