Rental Car Accidents in Riverdale

The aftermath of a serious auto accident can be confusing enough if everyone involved personally owns the vehicle they were driving at the time, let alone one or more individuals were driving a car they rented. If you recently got into a rental car accident, you may have a lot of questions about what your legal options are and whose insurance you might need to make a claim against.

Fortunately, help is available from seasoned legal professionals who have helped victims of rental car accidents in Riverdale. With guidance from an auto wreck attorney, you should have much better odds of mitigating your own liability for a rental car crash and ensuring you get the compensation you need for any injuries caused by someone else’s negligence.

Rental Company Insurance Versus Personal Insurance

Any time someone rents a vehicle from a third-party company, they sign some kind of agreement stating that they will return the vehicle at the end of the rental period without any changes to its condition. Importantly, a rental car accident in Riverdale does not invalidate this agreement even if the renter was not at fault for the wreck, so any circumstances that lead to a rental car being damaged and/or someone suffering a personal injury generally necessitate the filing of an insurance claim.

If a renter elected to purchase temporary insurance coverage through the rental car company, that coverage might pay for damage to the rented car, damage to other vehicles and property, and potentially even the renter’s personal injuries and property damage. Additionally, individuals who use credit cards to rent vehicles often have access to insurance coverage through their credit card company for rental vehicle damage.

However, if none of those coverage options apply, a renter may need to make a claim through their own private car insurance, or that of the person responsible for causing the wreck. This is a big reason why many rental car companies require renters to provide proof of personal car insurance if they waive access to the rental company’s insurance options.

Are Rental Car Companies Ever Liable for Crashes?

Since the driver of a rental car is responsible for the safe operation and return of that vehicle without any damage, rental car companies are almost never directly liable for accidents involving vehicles in their fleet. The only exceptional situation in which a rental car company might be liable for a car accident is if they were negligent during the process of renting the vehicle out.

For example, if a rental car company rents a car to someone with a suspended driver’s license or without any driver’s license at all, they could be considered to blame for any accident and subsequent injuries that unlicensed driver causes while operating the car they rented. A seasoned car accident attorney could go into further detail about when rental car companies and/or other third parties could bear civil responsibility for a wreck in Riverdale.

Speak with a Riverdale Attorney About Rental Car Accident Claims

Liability for a car wreck can be difficult to ascertain under a lot of different circumstances, especially if a crash involved or was directly caused by someone driving a rental car. Even if liability is clear, figuring out whose insurance covers what and then getting an insurance claim accepted after a rental car accident in Riverdale may take weeks or even months after the proverbial dust has settled.

Instead of struggling by yourself to get the compensation you need, consider retaining and working with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer. Pick up the phone and get in touch today to schedule your initial consultation.