Rollover Car Accidents in Riverdale

Rollover car accidents are among one of the more serious types of accidents a person could suffer. Victims should make it a priority to speak with someone for help with obtaining compensation in order to cover damages caused by the accident, such as medical expenses and missed time from work.

Your lawyer could seek justice and financial compensation to restore you to your pre-accident condition. Our legal team is standing by to gather facts about your rollover car accident in Riverdale.

What to do When a Motor Vehicle Rolls Over

Rollover accidents occur when something interferes with the forward motion of a vehicle, including when reckless drivers force other cars off the road, or when a driver is alone and hits an object in the street. Some vehicles, such as SUVs and minivans, are more apt to roll because their gravity center is higher than an ordinary auto’s. In the event their vehicle begins to tilt over, drivers should:

  • Turn the steering wheel into the direction the car is tilting
  • Grasp the opposite shoulders after crossing arms in front, and remain like this to support the head and neck until the vehicle stops rolling
  • Turn the car off after it stops rolling
  • Once stationary with the engine off, plant hands or feet on the vehicle’s ceiling to unbuckle the seatbelt
  • Exit carefully, mindful of shattered glass, through a broken window or car door if possible
  • Call police and ambulance at 911

Drivers who are able should record the accident using a cell phone camera and identify any witnesses who can provide contact information or could wait and speak to the police as part of the accident report. A local injury attorney will want to see as much evidence as possible concerning a victim’s rollover car accident.

Rollover Car Wreck Based on Negligence

All drivers have a duty to abide by traffic laws. When a driver does not, causing an accident in which someone is injured, the injured party may be able to recoup some losses by filing a personal injury lawsuit for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of the enjoyment of life. A lawsuit based on negligence may be necessary because Georgia is a “fault” state. In “no fault” states, drivers look to their own insurance companies to pay damage claims, whether they were at fault or not.

In “fault” states, injured parties must prove the other driver caused an accident and look to that driver’s insurance for a payout. Georgia drivers by law must carry a minimum amount of automobile insurance to pay for the harm they cause to others, but if that is not enough to compensate an injured victim, filing a lawsuit is a possibility. An attorney familiar with negligence cases could assess a person’s situation after a rollover accident to determine if a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate.

Car Wrecks Based on Product Liability

For an attorney to file a product liability lawsuit, the automobile involved in an accident must have a manufacturing or design defect, or the manufacturer failed to warn consumers about a dangerous condition that was not apparent to an average person. An attorney could study the role a vehicle played in a rollover accident and consider filing a product liability lawsuit on a victim’s behalf.

A Riverdale Rollover Accident Attorney Here to Help

Your life could be turned upside down after a rollover accident. You may be worried about how you will pay your bills while you cannot work. You may need a long time to recuperate. What you do not need is to worry about what to do next. If you were involved in a rollover car accident caused by someone else’s negligence or a defective automobile, a Riverdale rollover accident lawyer is standing by to discuss your case. Your initial consultation is free, so call our office today.