Riverdale Texting While Driving Accident Lawyer

A car accident can occur during the few seconds it takes to read or write a text message. Texting while driving is so dangerous it is illegal. Under Georgia’s Hands-Free Act, all drivers are prohibited from texting while driving.

Additionally, teens cannot use their cell phones at all while operating a car. Unfortunately, many Riverdale drivers continue to text while behind the wheel. If you have been harmed by a distracted driver, an experienced Riverdale texting while driving accident lawyer could help you obtain the best outcome in your case. To learn more, reach out to a local attorney today to schedule a consultation.

Riverdale’s Hands-Free Act

Georgia enacted the Hands-Free Act in response to the high number of car accidents and car accident-related deaths in the state. Most of these car accidents are single-vehicle accidents, rear-end collisions, and accidents between the ages of 15 and 25.

Many local and state law enforcement officials consider driver distraction to be the cause of these accidents. To deter texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving, the following penalties are imposed for violations of the Hands-Free Act:

  • First-time offenders receive a point on their license and must pay a $50 fine
  • Second-time offenders receive two points on their license and must pay a $100 fine
  • Third-time offenders receive three points on their license and must pay a $150 fine

It is a dangerous reality that many drivers are not discouraged from texting by possible safety and legal consequences. Fortunately, the law makes it possible for victims to retain the services of an attorney familiar with the nearby roads for help with holding at-fault party accountable for a texting while driving accident.

Legal Ways to Use Phones While Driving

Drivers over the age of eighteen can take some measures to avoid violating Riverdale’s Hands-Free Act. For instance, a driver could make and receive hands-free calls and use voice-to-text programs. Additionally, a driver could avoid holding a device and delay answering emails, watching videos, and taking pictures.

All drivers can take simple actions to minimize their cell phone usage. For example, drivers can turn their cell phones entirely off, download a cell phone program that deactivates texting while driving, place their cell phones on silent, or place their cell phones in an area that is out of reach, such as in the glove compartment. Despite available measures to avoid holding a phone while driving, many drivers still choose to text and drive on Riverdale’s roads.

Exceptions to Riverdale’s Hands-Free Act

There are a few circumstances where drivers are exempt from complying with the Hands-Free Act. For instance, drivers legally parked in a designated parking space may use their phones without restriction. Emergency responders, law enforcement, firefighters, and medical staff are also excused from the hands-free requirement while completing official duties.

Additionally, drivers that are reporting a car accident, medical emergency, fire, crime, or dangerous road condition are exempt from adhering to the Hand’s Free Act. Many drivers text while driving despite not being exempt. A qualified texting while driving collision attorney could review the facts of a potential plaintiff’s case and file the necessary paperwork on their behalf.

How a Riverdale Texting While Driving Accident Attorney Could Help

A distracted driver significantly increases their risk of causing harm to other drivers and pedestrians. Many drivers continue to text and cause catastrophic car crashes despite laws in place to prohibit cell use while driving.

If a negligent driver caused you injuries, you could be entitled to receive compensation. A knowledgeable Riverdale texting while driving accident lawyer could answer legal questions related to your crash. Contact us today to discuss your case.