Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Riverdale

When filled with cargo, commercial tractor-trailers can weigh a maximum of 80,000 pounds under federal law. With so much power and weight, it is crucial for truck drivers to remain vigilant and pay attention to the road for every moment their vehicle is in motion, especially when they are traveling on crowded state and interstate highways.

Unfortunately, not every trucker adheres to this common-sense course of action, and their negligence can sometimes cause collisions with catastrophic harm. If a distracted driving truck accident in Riverdale left you dealing with physical, financial, and/or personal losses, a qualified tractor-trailer crash attorney could help you pursue compensation from the parties responsible for your losses.

Is Distracted Driving Against the Law?

The most common source of distraction for long-haul truckers is their cell phone, especially when drivers are texting while driving. Fortunately for plaintiffs in Riverdale looking to recover after a truck crash, this variety of distracted driving is expressly illegal under both state and federal law, making it easier to prove negligence in an injury claim.

While texting while driving is perhaps the most singularly dangerous form of distracted driving, it is by no means the only one. Various other things could result in a driver taking their eyes, hands, or mind off the road ahead of them, including a navigation system or map, food or drink, and/or reaching momentarily for something behind them in the cab.

Unfortunately, these other forms of distracted driving do not have specific federal or state statutes dedicated to them, so a person injured in an ensuing accident may not have a citation in a police report to help them prove negligence. Because of this, assistance from a skilled attorney is often especially important to securing a positive outcome in these cases.

Proving Negligence in a Truck Crash

Aside from formal police documentation, there are many other pieces of evidence that could indicate a truck driver was distracted prior to a wreck. For example, cell phone records may show a driver was texting, even if the police did not specifically cite them for it in the aftermath of the wreck.

Likewise, information from a truck’s Event Data Recorder may confirm that a trucker did not apply the brakes or let off the throttle before hitting another vehicle. In Riverdale cases, it may even be helpful to bring in eyewitnesses who saw the wreck to confirm that it involved distracted driving by the person operating the truck.

An Attorney Could Help After a Distracted Driving Truck Accident in Riverdale

Although not paying attention while driving is dangerous for all drivers, distracted driving is particularly dangerous when a commercial truck is involved. These types of incidents can cause major financial loss, and without guidance from a seasoned attorney, you may not be able to recover financially from the party truly responsible for those damages.

In the wake of a distracted driving truck accident in Riverdale, help from qualified legal counsel could go a long way toward getting you the restitution you deserve. Learn more by calling today.