Jackknife Truck Accidents in Riverdale

While any auto accident involving a commercial truck has the potential to cause severe harm, those that involve a jackknifing tractor-trailer are among the most dangerous. When a truck’s trailer kicks out to the side of its cab or slides around in front of it, it could lead to multiple vehicles getting caught up in a catastrophic crash.

Jackknife truck accidents in Riverdale often result in hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars in damages, and in many situations, those losses could have been avoided were it not for the negligence of a truck driver, trucking company, or affiliated third party. A seasoned tractor-trailer crash attorney could explain your legal options after such a harrowing wreck and help you seek fair financial recovery from the parties responsible for the incident.

Negligence Can Cause a Jackknife Wreck

Tractor-trailer jackknife accidents often stem from a truck driver failing to drive safely in accordance with the duty of care they owe other drivers. Truck drivers who exceed posted speed limits, do not account for inclement weather, drive without proper training, or drive while severely fatigued are much more likely to lose control of their vehicle and end up in a sideways skid.

However, individual truck drivers are not always the best parties to name as defendants in Riverdale jackknife truck accident claims, nor are they always the parties who are primarily at fault. Trucking companies have duties of care just as their employees do. If they violate that duty by maintaining negligent hiring practices or forcing drivers to disobey the law in order to finish routes faster, they could be vicariously or even directly liable for an ensuing crash.

Alternatively, some jackknife wrecks stem from an unbalanced or excessive cargo load shifting during transit, which could cause even a responsible and well-trained truck driver to lose control of their trailer. A qualified attorney could provide crucial assistance by examining the circumstances leading up to a crash and determining who should bear financial fault for its consequences.

Recovering for Damages Within Filing Deadlines

Personal injury litigation is meant to help victims of negligent behavior recover financially for the economic and non-economic repercussions of that behavior. Accordingly, a comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand following a jackknife truck accident in Riverdale could seek restitution not just for objective financial losses like vehicle damage and medical expenses, but also for various subjective forms of “pain and suffering” experienced by the plaintiff.

However, filing deadlines still apply to these cases, regardless of the level of damage the wreck caused. The Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33 states that individuals who fail to file suit within two years of discovering that someone else’s negligence caused them harm are ineligible to recover compensation for that particular incident.

Get Help from an Attorney Experienced in Jackknife Truck Accidents in Riverdale

When a truck jackknifes on a busy highway, the outcome is often a multi-car incident resulting in immense personal and financial losses for the occupants of any smaller commuter car involved. Fortunately, if you can prove the wreck stemmed from someone else’s reckless or careless actions, you could make that person or entity compensate you for all the damages you sustained due to their misconduct.

A knowledgeable attorney could be an essential ally to have on your side after a jackknife truck accident in Riverdale. Schedule a consultation by calling today.