Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Riverdale

Whether picking up or dropping off cargo, stopping for gas or food, or looking to rest for the night, truck drivers must be especially cautious when navigating their massive vehicles through intersections or around other vehicles in a parking area. Even at low speeds, a T-bone accident involving a large commercial truck can have life-altering implications for the occupants of any commuter car caught in a negligent trucker’s path.

After a side-impact truck accident in Riverdale, effective civil recovery can be essential to preserving the future prospects of any individual hurt in the incident. By working with a seasoned tractor-trailer crash lawyer, you could significantly improve your chances of a positive outcome and of getting the compensation you deserve.

Negligence in Side-Impact Truck Wrecks

Unfortunately, many side-impact truck accidents in Riverdale happen because the truck driver involved committed a traffic violation. If a truck driver makes an improper turn or does not yield or stop in accordance with road signage, their violation of the law constitutes a breach of their duty of care, making them liable for an accident.

There are circumstances where a truck driver who broadsides another driver does so because a crucial component in their truck malfunctioned and prevented them from stopping safely. If a side-impact truck crash stems from this kind of fault, liability for an ensuing incident may lie with the manufacturer of the defective part, the company that sold an unsafe vehicle to the driver or their employer, or a mechanic shop that did not provide thorough service to the truck.

The companies that employ their drivers may bear vicarious or direct liability for negligence in some cases, including if they failed to train their drivers properly or forced a driver to work while fatigued. An attorney could help identify fault for a particular plaintiff’s injury and take appropriate legal action for their unique circumstances.

Ensuring Comparative Fault Does Not Hinder Recovery

The fact that a commercial truck was involved in a side-impact accident in Riverdale does not automatically make the truck driver or their employer liable for a wreck. If a commuter car operator broke a traffic rule or acted recklessly, causing the T-bone accident, the irresponsible driver may not have grounds to file suit for their damages.

Likewise, an injured person who is partially to blame for a side-impact truck accident can only recover for the percentage of their damages they are not responsible for, as per Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33. For example, a commuter driver found 25 percent liable for their own damages would only recover 75 percent of their total losses. Assistance from dedicated legal counsel is often crucial to maximizing available recovery by contesting allegations of comparative fault.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Side-Impact Truck Accident in Riverdale

Any truck accident may lead to serious injuries with substantial long-term consequences, but side-impact truck accidents in Riverdale tend to have especially catastrophic outcomes. If you were involved in a wreck like this due to a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence, you should consider pursuing civil compensation from them for your damages.

A dedicated truck wreck attorney could help you take legal action. Call today to schedule a consultation.