Tucker Personal Injury Lawyer

Actions as routine as driving to work, shopping for groceries, or going for a walk expose you to hazards every day, and unfortunately suffering through a personal injury is unavoidable in many cases. While not every instance of an injury is someone else’s fault, certain circumstances place legal responsibility for an injury on another person. When this is the case, the injured individual has the right to demand compensation.

A Tucker personal injury lawyer could help you understand your legal rights and determine whether another person or entity carries legal liability to make you whole again. Your attorney could help gather important evidence, review relevant laws, and push for appropriate compensation for all your injuries and losses.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Most injuries are the result of accidents. In these cases, a defendant did not mean to cause harm but nonetheless acted in a way that placed the plaintiff at an unreasonable risk of harm. Prominent examples of these cases include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall cases or other injuries that occur due to a defect in private property
  • Attacks from domesticated animals
  • Dangerous consumer products, including medications
  • Medical mistakes by healthcare providers

In all these examples, the allegedly liable party caused an injury through recklessness or negligence rather than explicit intent. The law in Tucker and throughout the State of Georgia establishes that people who act in this way may be held responsible to provide compensation for the consequences of their actions.

Situations where a civil defendant intended to harm the plaintiff are much rarer but do still occur occasionally. Criminal cases such as assault, sexual battery, or kidnapping may give rise to civil suits for damages. It is vital to remember that even if a criminal court convicts a defendant, that court cannot order the defendant to provide compensation to their victim. A Tucker personal injury lawyer could help clients who have suffered injuries due to the actions of others to demand and collect appropriate compensation.

What Damages may a Plaintiff Claim?

All personal injury cases must center around a physical harm. No matter how mentally traumatized a person may be, they cannot make a claim for damages if they did not suffer a physical injury. This injury does not need to threaten a person’s life, but it must require medical attention.

All personal injury cases should demand compensation to cover the costs of medical treatment. However, a comprehensive claim could examine the full impact of the incident upon a plaintiff’s life. A personal injury lawyer in Tucker could help evaluate and assign a dollar value to various other losses an accident victim experienced, which may include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Economic losses due to missed shifts at work or a reduction in future work ability
  • Pain and suffering associated with a recovery from a physical harm
  • Loss of enjoyment of life due to suffering through the incident

A Tucker Personal Injury Lawyer Could Pursue Your Claim

Suffering a personal injury may throw your life into chaos. The injury may require extensive medical care and lengthy rehabilitation, and bills may accumulate while you miss time at work to recover. The insurance company may be little help either, as they are likely attempting to settle the claim as cheaply as possible.

A Tucker personal injury lawyer could take the lead in pursuing appropriate compensation for your injuries through a civil claim. If they can prove negligence on the part of another party, you may be able to compel that party to pay restitution to you for medical bills, missed work shifts, pain and suffering, and more.

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