Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Tucker

Drivers on the roads and freeways have to be prepared to change behaviors in adverse weather conditions. Unfortunately, however, in Tucker, bad weather can develop almost instantly and impact road conditions without giving drivers much warning.

Poor weather conditions can lead to slick road surfaces and reduced visibility, among other things. Therefore, accidents are more likely to occur during bad weather and may result in devastating effects for those involved.

A lawyer could help if you or a loved one got into a car accident involving bad weather in Tucker. In particular, if you believe poor weather conditions combined with another person’s carelessness or reckless driving caused your accident, a car wreck attorney could guide you through the process of seeking financial recovery.

The Risks of Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

Driving in bad weather can result in serious accidents. Some conditions in the Tucker area that may present risks to drivers and others on the road may include:

  • Sleet
  • Fog
  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Tornado activity
  • High winds
  • Slick roads from rain ice, or snow
  • Vision obscured by rain, snow, ice on the windshield
  • Standing water on the roadway
  • Running water on the roadway

On slippery roads, a car’s stopping time and distance can increase. Additionally, standing water, which may be hidden or invisible until the last minute, can cause hydroplaning.

Ice presents a particular hazard, which requires an understanding of how slick roads may impact braking and over-correction avoidance in skidding situations. Bald tires exacerbate the risk of accidents involving slippery roads. Low visibility situations mean that drivers must slow down. When they do not, drivers have less time to react and may cause a motor vehicle crash.

Driving without attention to weather conditions endangers all individuals on the road. A lawyer in Tucker could help determine the cause of a car accident by evaluating the combined effects of driver error and poor weather.

Legal Liability in a Bad Weather Motor Vehicle Accident

In Tucker, when a person suffers injuries in a car wreck involving bad weather, they may have a right to bring a claim for damages against any reckless drivers that may have contributed to the crash. Every motorist has a responsibility to drive responsibly, especially when the road conditions are poor.

What is Legal Negligence?

Legal negligence occurs when a driver fails to exercise the standard of care that a reasonable person should under the circumstances and causes an accident as a result. For example, consider a scenario where there is ice on the roads, fog, and the posted speed limit is 65 miles per hour. A driver traveling faster than the posted limit who hits another motorist may be guilty of negligence because they broke the law and drove unreasonably under the low visibility and slick road conditions.

How Might an Attorney Help an Injured Driver in Tucker?

An attorney could help an injured motorist pursue an insurance claim against the at-fault driver, or seek damages in court. Damages may include medical bills from injuries resulting from the accident, lost income, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Contact a Tucker Attorney to Learn More About Car Accidents Caused by Poor Weather

Drivers must heed road and weather conditions whenever they get behind the wheel. Accidents can happen in an instant but may take a long time to recover from financially, emotionally, and physically.

Legal counsel could appreciate the hurdles in your path and help you understand what your options are for seeking recovery. Contact our lawyers if you got into a car accident involving bad weather in Tucker.