Common Causes of Car Accidents in Tucker

Car accidents can occur as the result of a variety of factors, but by far, one of the most common reasons is motorist negligence. These common causes of car accidents in Tucker can lead to devastating and sometimes deadly injuries, including broken bones, paralysis, spinal cord or head damage, organ damage, brain trauma, and more.

A car wreck attorney could help if you or a loved one have sustained losses in a recent accident. An attorney could help you establish fault if someone else is liable for your injuries and damages. Additionally, a lawyer could conduct a thorough investigation, reviewing the accident report, eyewitness statements, crash photos, and other evidence to determine whether someone’s negligence or recklessness caused your crash.

Leading Causes of Car Crashes in Tucker

There are numerous ways that reckless or careless driving can lead to a severe or fatal car crash. Drunk driving, driving while under the influence of drugs, driving while sleep-deprived, texting while driving, eating and driving, or talking on the phone while behind the wheel are all frequent causes of car crashes in Tucker.

Tailgating, improper lane changes, failing to yield or stop at an intersection, and crossing over lane markings into oncoming traffic also may lead to roadway accidents.

Sometimes, factors apart from human error can contribute to a catastrophic accident. For example, roads that have not been properly maintained, or poor weather conditions can significantly increase the risk of a crash. However, failing to exercise reasonable care when driving in adverse road conditions can still lead to motorist liability.

Determining Liability in a Car Accident Case

In some Tucker car wreck cases, a court may determine liability based on the cause of the accident in question. Many of the common causes of these crashes are due to motorist negligence. As such, to ascertain liability in a case, an attorney must prove several factors. Assigning blame in negligence claims depends on establishing a duty, breach, causation, and harm.

All motorists have a duty of care to drive with reasonable prudence to prevent the risk of injury to others on the road. When a driver fails to fulfill or breaches their legal responsibility and causes an accident that injures someone, they may be liable for the resulting harm.

Per Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-12-33, when the defendant driver and the injured party both carry some portion of liability, the plaintiff could receive compensation for their damages. The law requires that the injured person be no more than 49 percent at fault to claim financial damages. An assignment of liability that is 50 percent or higher would automatically disqualify this person from compensation. If the injured individual is 49 percent or less liable for the wreck, the court may decrease their compensation by the amount equal to their percentage of fault.

A Tucker Attorney Could Identify the Frequent Causes of Car Wrecks

Many of the common causes of car accidents in Tucker could be avoidable if not for someone’s disregard of their duty of care. A skilled attorney could help you identify where liability lies for your crash and advise what compensation may be available.

Most importantly, an attorney could answer your legal questions and help you make a grounded decision regarding the next steps for your injury claim. Schedule your confidential case review today to learn how we could help you.