Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Tucker

Distracted driving is increasingly responsible for accidents in Tucker. A driver who takes their eyes off the road, even for a moment, puts everyone on the road at risk of harm. Smartphones and the demand for constant connectivity has, unfortunately, come at the price of safety on the road.

Proving that a distracted driver was the cause of an accident is critical to making a plaintiff’s case for damages. A lawyer could offer their assistance to you or a loved one of you were involved in a distracted driving car accident in Tucker. A car wreck attorney could help investigate your claim, collect evidence, and advocate for your interests with insurance companies or in a personal injury lawsuit.

Types of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving does not only result from the illegal use of a mobile device. Many other distractions divert drivers’ attention from the road. Some types of distractions may include:

Eating or drinking

  • Adjusting the radio or GPS
  • Staring at something other than the road, also known as rubbernecking
  • Other passengers

Under state law, many usages of cellphones are illegal while driving a motor vehicle. A driver may not:

  • Hold a phone in their hand or rest it on their body while on a call
  • Send or read texts
  • Watch or record videos
  • Touch a phone to activate or adjust streaming music while driving

While distracted driving can result in motor vehicle accidents, it also may lead to criminal liability in Tucker. These offenses are punishable by fines and driving record points. Evidence that a defendant broke the law is useful in a civil case for damages, but may not definitively lead to compensation.

Demonstrating Liability in Distracted Driving Car Wrecks

Just because a motorist becomes distracted before an accident does not necessarily mean that they will be legally liable. Proving fault in a negligence-based car accident case in Tucker can be difficult. A lawyer must consider the actions of all parties involved to determine who was at fault and why.

State law tries to apportion responsibility in car accidents by following comparative fault. After the presentation of the evidence, a civil jury determines which parties caused the accident and to what degree.

A claimant who brings a lawsuit can recover compensation as long as they are 49 percent or less at fault. Then the court may reduce a plaintiff’s award in proportion to their percentage of fault. If the jury finds that a plaintiff is more than 50 percent at-fault for the accident, the plaintiff cannot obtain any recovery. A Tucker lawyer could help an injured motorist understand what factors, such as comparative fault, could impact recovery in their distracted driving car wreck case.

Call a Tucker Attorney to Learn More About Car Wrecks Caused by Distracted Driving

The injuries inflicted on you should not cause you to suffer endlessly without recourse. In a successful personal injury case, you could recoup medical expenses, your lost wages, and receive compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced.

An attorney could help pave the way for recovery by helping you understand how the process works and what it will take to make an insurance claim or file a lawsuit. Therefore, connect with a lawyer today if you were involved in a distracted driving car accident in Tucker.