Expert Witnesses in Tucker Car Accident Cases

While some car wreck claims have few disputed issues, others require a trial to determine who may be the at-fault party. In some auto accident cases, parties present evidence in the form of expert witness testimony.

Expert witnesses are individuals that provide specialized testimony based on knowledge in their field or industry. Medical professionals, accident reconstructionists, those who work in roadway design, and highway safety professionals all may be able to give testimonies in an expert capacity.

Selecting the right expert witness in a Tucker car accident case can be a vital part of a successful trial strategy. Therefore, if you need help preparing a motor vehicle accident case, speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

What is the Role of Medical Experts in Auto Accident Claims?

The purpose of expert witnesses is to provide context for issues that an average person would not be knowledgeable about and assist a jury or judge in their decision making. In many Tucker injury claims, including car accident cases, the most common expert witnesses are doctors and other medical professionals.

Medical experts may be the treating physician or another doctor that can provide objective and credible testimony about the plaintiff’s injuries, treatment, and required recovery. Medical experts also may be able to speak to the probable degree of the plaintiffs’ emotional pain as it relates to the injury. With a medical professional’s opinion, a claimant may be able to demand damages that properly compensate them for all of their physical and emotional losses.

How Can an Accident Reconstructionist Help in a Car Wreck Claim?

The second most utilized experts in car accident cases are accident reconstructionists. These experts are trained to review vehicle damage, photos of the scene, police reports, eyewitness statements, and other evidence to recreate how the crash occurred and reach an opinion about who may be at fault. Reconstructionists use the specifics of the accident to create models, diagrams, and computer simulations to recreate the circumstances of the accident.

Engineers/Highway Safety Professionals

When a case involves issues regarding defective road conditions or signs, a highway safety expert may be able to prove how these defects contributed to an accident. Engineers and highway safety professionals know the federal and state regulations regarding roadway design and construction. Therefore, they may be able to identify where failure to meet highway safety rules, regulations, and laws caused or contributed to a crash.

Rehabilitation and Vocational Experts in Tucker Car Accident Cases

Depending on the severity of the car crash, a plaintiff may need extensive physical therapy to recover from their injuries. In severe injury cases, the claimant’s injuries may make it difficult to return to their everyday routines and job responsibilities.

Vocational experts could testify about how the accident has impacted a plaintiff’s ability to work, their income, or future earning capacity. Rehabilitation experts may be able to make a statement about how the changes in a claimant’s life impact their ability to participate in everyday activities.

Financial Experts

There are several costs associated with car wrecks. In addition to the initial property damage to vehicles, there may be severe physical injuries that drastically change a plaintiff’s lifestyle and could affect their ability to earn an income.

When an individual has significant medical bills or is no longer able to work, an economic expert could evaluate the medical costs and future wage losses associated with a motor vehicle collision. Economists look at the whole financial picture, including the value of the lost wages, future medical care costs, and loss of career advancement to assess the actual value of damages.

Consult a Tucker Attorney to Learn More About Expert Testimony in Car Wreck Cases

Selecting the appropriate expert witnesses in a Tucker car accident can be a defining factor in the success of your claim. Our attorneys understand how to select knowledgeable professionals that could support your case and hold negligent drivers responsible. To learn more about our expert witnesses and the other tools that we use to advocate for you, schedule a case consultation.