Tucker Fatal Car Accident Lawyer

Car wrecks involving excessive speed, alcohol or drugs, or where a person is not wearing their seatbelt can lead to fatal injuries. The financial costs associated with a loved one’s sudden death can be as crippling as the emotional toll such an accident can take. Family members of the decedent may face bills for their loved one’s funeral service, burial, and final medical treatment.

With help from a Tucker fatal car accident lawyer, the deceased’s family members may recover compensation from the person responsible for the crash. A dedicated car wreck attorney’s assistance may make an otherwise challenging process fraught with legal pitfalls easier to navigate successfully.

How Does a Fatal Crash Claim Work in Tucker?

Only a limited number of individuals may act as plaintiff and bring a lawsuit on behalf of a decedent killed in a car wreck. These individuals include the deceased’s spouse, adult children, or the executor or administrator of the decedent’s estate. Therefore, surviving passengers in the car at the time of the accident may not be able to file a claim for the decedent if they are not related to them as previously described.

In these cases, the plaintiff prosecutes the lawsuit in the name of the decedent. Unlike a traditional car wreck lawsuit, where the injured party recovers compensation for themselves, the plaintiff in a fatal auto accident case asserts their rights and receives compensation on behalf of the decedent and their estate. A successful claimant in these situations must demonstrate that the decedent’s death came as a result of a car wreck caused by another person’s careless or reckless driving. This at-fault party may be responsible then for paying compensation to the plaintiff for the family’s losses.

Because there are unique complexities in fatal car accident cases, individuals should speak with a Tucker attorney before taking any legal action on behalf of a decedent. An attorney could help loved ones better understand how to obtain financial damages for their expenses and losses.

Recoverable Losses in a Deadly Car Accident Case

A successful wrongful death lawsuit following a deadly car crash may compensate the decedent’s family not only for this person’s final expenses but also for the emotional and financial losses they are experiencing. These damages may include:

  • Any medical treatment the decedent received before passing
  • Suffering, both physical and mental, that the decedent experienced before dying
  • Wages the decedent could have earned had they not died
  • Funeral costs and burial costs
  • Financial support the decedent would have provided to the family
  • The loss of the decedent’s company, emotional support, and guidance

Identifying and quantifying the losses that a decedent’s family suffered in the immediate aftermath of their loved one’s death can be challenging. Calculating the amount of compensation a family may need in the future also can be a daunting task. Fortunately, qualified lawyers in Tucker could help a plaintiff seek appropriate compensation following a deadly car accident.

Contact a Tucker Fatal Car Accident Attorney

Those whose loved ones have died in an auto wreck should speak with a Tucker fatal car accident lawyer about their legal rights as soon as possible. If another person’s careless misconduct led to a crash and a loved one’s passing, compensation may be available for you and your family.

An attorney could guide you through all of the stages of a lawsuit and help your family recover a fair and appropriate amount of compensation. When you are ready to take legal action, contact our firm for legal guidance.