Tucker Highway Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle crashes that occur at high speeds may cause drivers and passengers to suffer tremendous injuries. These collisions may easily prove fatal or result in paralyzing injuries. Medical bills or funeral costs, along with an inability to earn wages due to injury or death, can all cause financial difficulties for injured individuals and their families.

Seeking the help of an experienced Tucker highway accident lawyer could help injured individuals file a timely claim for compensation. A car wreck lawsuit may result in the injured party obtaining a financial judgment that helps them address their losses and the economic toll of these losses.

When Can a Person File a Claim Following a Highway Car Wreck?

Car wreck plaintiffs may be eligible to receive compensation if another person’s negligent actions caused the accident, and as a result, the claimant’s injuries. Negligent conduct involves behaviors that no other reasonable driver would engage in under similar circumstances. Reckless behavior that leads to highway crashes may include:

  • Traveling more than the posted speed limit
  • Operating a vehicle while distracted or impaired
  • Driving a car that is in poor condition or has parts that not functioning properly

Evidence that may demonstrate careless behavior may include witness statements, inculpatory statements by the defendant, accident reports and reconstructions, and other similar statements and documents. An experienced Tucker lawyer could review an individual’s highway accident case to determine if they may be eligible to pursue a claim for damages.

First Steps Following a Highway Crash in Tucker

Individuals who are involved in a crash on a highway or interstate should first seek medical treatment. Injuries sustained in these collisions could worsen without timely medical intervention. Not only may a failure to obtain prompt treatment increase the severity of a plaintiff’s injuries, but it also may lead to a reduction in the amount of compensation a person is eligible to receive.

Injured parties also should seek legal assistance with their case if they need help meeting the statute of limitations. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §9-3-33 gives injured parties a two-year window within which to file a claim for damages against a negligent defendant. If a person fails to initiate a lawsuit within two years after their accident, then they may not be able to recover any compensation at all.

Many injured individuals may be confused about what steps they should take following a serious interstate collision. A knowledgeable Tucker attorney could help these individuals understand what they should do following a highway car accident to protect their legal rights and preserve their ability to seek compensation.

Speak with a Tucker Highway Accident Attorney

A Tucker highway accident lawyer could guide you through the claims process if you were involved in a serious collision. Our attorneys could assist you in filing a lawsuit against the negligent party and obtaining compensation for your injuries and losses. To get started on your case, schedule an initial consultation with one of our lawyers.