Length of a Tucker Car Accident Case

The length of a Tucker car accident case depends on a wide variety of factors, including the extent of the damages involved and how open the defendant driver’s insurance company is to negotiation. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may need to speak with a car accident attorney about recovering your damages. An attorney could negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company for fair settlement of your injuries, or advise whether filing a lawsuit may be advisable if the insurer refuses to negotiate.

Circumstances that Can Influence the Timeline of a Tucker Car Crash Case

One of the most significant factors that can influence the length of someone’s Tucker car crash claim is the severity of their injuries. In collisions where the injuries sustained are relatively mild, such as soft tissue injuries, contusions, and lacerations, the plaintiff may finish treatment in a few months and their attorney can submit the settlement demand shortly afterwards.

In the case of very grave car accident injuries, the timeline may be much longer. Serious car accident injuries can include broken bones, brain injuries, fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, and knee injuries. Often, the plaintiff will want to finish treatment before the settlement demand is submitted to the driver’s insurance company to ensure all their medical bills are included and other damages are fully calculated.

If the defendant driver’s insurance company is willing to negotiate a fair settlement, it may be possible to settle the case within months of the accident. However, the negotiation process can sometimes be far longer, and if the insurance adjuster refuses to offer a fair settlement and the case proceeds to trial, it could be a year or longer before the claim is closed. Litigation can be lengthy, and either party may decide to appeal the verdict if they are unsatisfied with the court’s decision, which could extend the court proceedings.

Taking a Car Accident Case to Trial

While the length of a car accident claim in Tucker varies by case, most claims will follow the same general process. If the injured party decides to take their case to court, their car accident attorney will file a complaint to imitate lawsuit proceedings. The at-fault driver will submit then submit their response or answer, and the discovery process will begin.

During discovery, both the at-fault driver’s attorney and the injured party’s attorney will have the opportunity to obtain important evidence from each other. Depositions may be held for both parties, which are recorded statements taken under oath.

After discovery finishes, the case will proceed to the trial phase if an out-of-court settlement has still not been reached. Depending on the magnitude of the case, trial may last several days or weeks. Each party will present evidence, question witnesses, and make final arguments before the judge or jury makes a ruling.

Contact a Tucker Car Accident Attorney to Handle Your Case

If you have additional questions about the length of a Tucker car accident case, an attorney can provide you with additional information about starting a claim to recover your damages. A lawyer can walk alongside you at all stages of the legal process and fight for your maximum financial recovery.

Contact a Tucker car accident attorney today to receive your confidential case consultation.