Mistakes to Avoid After a Tucker Car Accident

The time following a car accident can leave you feeling dazed, confused, and overwhelmed. It is normal to feel unsure of where to turn or how to move forward with a claim. As such, individuals injured in car accidents may unknowingly make certain mistakes that could later impact a claim for damages. If you got hurt in a motor vehicle crash, an attorney could advise you on what mistakes to avoid after a Tucker car accident and help you understand your legal rights.

Why is Neglecting or Delaying Medical Care a Mistake Following an Accident?

Neglecting or delaying to obtain the necessary medical care following a serious wreck could have several adverse consequences on a person’s physical health as well as on the outcome of their case. Failing to receive medical care could worsen an individual’s injuries and result in unwanted complications down that road that force them to seek treatment.

Additionally, personal injury claims are viable when the claimant suffers harm and sustained damages (i.e., medical bills) for which they should receive compensation. Therefore, if the injured party does not receive treatment, or there is a huge gap between the time they are injured and when they finally saw a physician, obtaining compensation could be extremely difficult.

Failing to Notify Law Enforcement

Another common mistake that a person should avoid following a car crash in Tucker is failing to notify law enforcement. A police crash report is often a vital tool used in proving injury claims. Often, the police interview eyewitnesses and take pictures of the scene to include in their report. The responding law enforcement officer also may facilitate the exchange of insurance information, which could save time later when an injured party files their claim with the defendant driver’s carrier.

While achieving financial recovery without this evidence is possible, it could prove more difficult. The defendant driver’s insurance company may want to see supporting evidence in a settlement demand, as would a judge or jury if the case proceeded to litigation. Additionally, state law requires individuals to notify law enforcement when a crash results in $500 or more of damage.

Why is Signing Insurance Paperwork Without a Mistake?

A common ploy used by insurance companies is attempting to get injured claimants to settle early. This could lead to an injured claimant settling their case for an unfair value. Therefore, an individual should avoid contact with any insurance company until they speak with an attorney.

Claimants should read all documentation thoroughly before signing and get an attorney to answer their legal questions. If the claimant gives in to pressure by the insurance company and settles too soon, they could miss out on compensation that would otherwise be owed to them.

Failing to Preserve Evidence

Finally, a serious mistake to avoid in the aftermath of a Tucker motor vehicle wreck is neglecting to preserve available evidence. Clearly, if someone is gravely hurt due to the crash, seeking a doctor is most important. If the claimant does collect evidence such as photos of the crash damage, pictures of their injuries, the name of the other driver and their insurance company, and witness contact details, they should preserve this information and give it to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Consult a Tucker Attorney To Avoid Making Mistakes After a Car Accident

A knowledgeable attorney could guide you throughout your case and help you understand what mistakes to avoid after a Tucker car accident. More importantly, a lawyer could protect your legal interests and be a competent advocate for your best interests. Set up your consultation with a lawyer when you call today.