Tucker Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Accidents in parking lots and garages typically occur due to the high level of pedestrian traffic and the increase in distractions. If you sustained injuries or property damage in an accident, contact a Tucker parking lot accident lawyer for help filing a civil claim. An attorney could help you demand full compensation for what was taken from you.

What are the Potential Causes of Parking Lot Collisions?

Unfortunately, distracted driving contributes to many parking lot accidents. Motorists may become distracted by other passengers or their electronic devices when navigating a parking lot or garage. As a result, they may hit another vehicle or a pedestrian walking through the lot.

Per Official Code of Georgia Annotated §40-6-122, all drivers must safely travel in a designated parking area, especially if they are leaving a parking space. Therefore, if a motorist fails to do so when they are distracted, they could be liable for any damages that result.

Additionally, if a motorist disregards the designated flow of traffic in a garage or parking lot, state law may hold them accountable for any accident that occurs as a result of their reckless driving. A Tucker parking lot accident attorney could identify the cause of a car wreck and hold this reckless driver accountable.

What is Shared Liability?

In some parking lot or garage accidents, a plaintiff may be partially at fault. For instance, if a claimant was walking through a garage distracted by their cellphone, a vehicle may accidentally strike them. While the pedestrian has the right of way in parking garages, the court may consider them partially at fault for their injuries because they were not paying attention.

If a court were to find this person 49 percent or less at fault for their injuries, they may still be able to recover. However, the judge may reduce their compensation by their assigned percentage of fault.

For example, a plaintiff who is 30 percent responsible may only receive 70 percent of their damages. A Tucker lawyer could assist someone injured in a parking lot accident in estimating their portion of fault.

What are the Legal Deadlines for Filing a Claim?

To file a claim successfully, plaintiffs must submit their lawsuit within the appropriate statute of limitations. According to O.C.G.A. §9-3-33, plaintiffs have two years after their accident to file a claim for their injuries. If an injured party does not submit their claim within this time frame, this person may not be able to recover.

However, O.C.G.A. §9-3-30 establishes a separate statutory deadline for property damage claims. If a claimant wishes to file a lawsuit for their property damage only, they may have four years to take legal action. A Tucker attorney with experience litigating parking lot accident cases could work to ensure that an injured party meets these essential legal deadlines.

Hire a Tucker Parking Lot Accident Attorney

If you were involved in a parking lot collision, you should consult with an attorney. A Tucker parking lot accident lawyer could be your advocate when filing a claim and pursuing compensation for all of your damages.

The attorneys at 770-GOOD-LAW firm could coordinate any vehicle repairs or rentals if your car was damaged in an accident. Call today to learn more.