Rental Car Accidents in Tucker

Car accidents are upsetting, and driving a rental car at the time, can compound your stress level. While rental car accidents in Tucker are similar in many ways to other vehicle wrecks, the situation is more complicated because of the increased number of parties involved. Hiring an injury attorney experienced in dealing with car accidents may be your best option to get through this unfortunate incident.

What are the Unique Aspects of an Accidents Involving a Rental Vehicle?

Getting into an accident in a rented car adds another interested party to the mix, the rental agency. They own the vehicle, but the renter is contractually obligated to bring the car back in the same condition as it went out, that is not possible once the car is involved in a crash.

In addition to seeking medical care, contacting the police, and notifying proper insurance companies, the driver must inform the rental company and file a formal accident report. The company will direct the driver how and where to get the car repaired. Paying for these repairs will rest with the party or parties that caused the accident.

What Should People Know About When Renting a Vehicle?

As in any other crash, insurance plays a critical role in getting cars repaired, reimbursing for injury costs, and accounting for other property damage. The difference here is that there may be multiple insurance sources.

The damages caused may be covered by the driver’s personal auto insurance, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, medical insurance, the credit card used to pay for the car rental, or supplemental insurance purchased through the car rental company. The nature of the harm and the contractual provisions of each policy determine which type of insurance might cover the claim.

Supplemental Car Insurance

Supplemental car insurance has pros and cons. The cost of adding on this coverage can add up if the rental is for more than a day or two, but it may be worth the expense, if a renter’s policies are inadequate or their deductibles are high. Before renting a car, individuals should review the insurance coverage available to them so they can make an educated decision whether to accept or deny the optional car insurance.

At-Fault Liability in Georgia

Liability for an auto accident in Georgia is the same whether the cars involved are rented or owned, with one exception, the car rental company. Most crashes involve driver error or negligence, but when an accident involves a rented vehicle, the rental agency’s actions may also contribute to how things played out on the day of the crash.

The drivers (or their insurance companies) who contribute to the cause of the accident are responsible for paying for the damage they caused. The Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33 prevents any driver from recovering damages if they are 50 percent or more responsible for the incident.

Car rental agencies may also be responsible for the resulting injuries and property damage. If the agency neglected to maintain the vehicle or make necessary repairs, this neglect might make them liable for a portion or all of the harm sustained. The federal Rental Car Safety Recall Law requires rental agencies to keep up with recall notices and remove those cars not repaired from service.

Determining fault can be a long process requiring extensive investigative work. An attorney familiar with car accidents can take a leading role and protect their client’s interests in settlement negotiations and before a court, if necessary.

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Crashes involving rental cars are more complex than other accidents. After being in a rental car accident in Tucker, you may have many questions, and attorneys experienced in this area of the law can help. Together, we can create a plan focused on collecting damages appropriate for your situation and holding the correct parties responsible. To review your case, contact us today.