Reporting a Tucker Car Accident to the Police

The aftermath of any auto accident can be a chaotic time, especially if someone involved is injured as a result. In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget the proper procedures that state law recommends requires you to follow.

The first thing you should do after any car accident in Tucker is report th3 accident to the police. Doing this not only fulfills your legal obligation to notify law enforcement, but also may provide crucial evidence for any ensuing civil case.

State Regulations for Reporting Car Crashes

It is always recommended to contact law enforcement after being involved in any type of car accident, but Georgia law explicitly requires accident victims to immediately contact the police if an accident resulted in a personal injury or fatality to anyone involved, and/or $500 or more of property damage. Certain insurance policies also require accidents of any severity to be reported to law enforcement as soon as possible.

Once a police officer is summoned to the scene of an accident in Tucker, they will create a report recording information about the accident if either of the aforementioned conditions are present, or if requested to do so by anyone involved in the crash. In the former scenario, the officer will file their report with the Department of Public Safety as a matter of procedure, but individuals who request a police officer under other circumstances are responsible for filing the report themselves within ten days of their accident.

Either way, once this report is filed, accident victims can obtain it directly from a police station, acquire it through third-party websites, or have a car accident lawyer seek out the report for them. Regardless of when or if a responding police officer makes their report, people involved in motor vehicle accidents in Tucker should also contact paramedics as soon as possible if they sustain any serious injury, and they should seek medical attention afterwards even if they do not appear to be externally harmed.

The Impact of the Police Report

It is important to note that, as per Official Code of Georgia §40-9-41, police reports compiled after traffic accidents can be used in civil court to demonstrate negligence, or any lack thereof. The same restriction applies to any findings the Department of Driver Services makes regarding an accident, as well as any actions they subsequently take.

However, this does not mean that the details of how a car accident occurs are not important to the outcome of a civil case, especially in light of the fact that Georgia is an at-fault insurance state. While the police report may not be admissible as court evidence itself, the details it records—as well as details recorded by an injured driver in their own Personal Report of Accident—may serve as a useful guide for an attorney looking to hunt down evidence of liability in separate contexts.

Contact an Attorney After Reporting your Car Accident in Tucker

Following legal reporting requirements is a crucial part of achieving a successful outcome in a civil case, even if the police report itself cannot be used as evidence for or against you. Failure to follow the guidelines set by Georgia state law could leave you in legal trouble on top of the injuries and personal losses you are already dealing with.

A qualified car crash attorney could walk you through what is required of you in terms of reporting a Tucker car wreck to the police. Call today to learn more.