Tucker Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover car accident can be extremely serious because a vehicle on its side can roll down hills, strike stationary objects, or hit on-coming traffic. If you were involved in such a collision, you may be suffering severe injuries and wondering how to handle the aftermath of this accident.

Contacting a Tucker rollover car accident lawyer could be a critical first step toward obtaining compensation for losses. More importantly, a dedicated car wreck attorney could hold the negligent driver responsible and handle any legal obstacles while you focus on your recovery.

Why Do Rollover Accidents Occur?

Several factors may contribute to a driver losing control of their vehicle and causing a rollover car wreck. Some of these cause may include:

Driver focus and sobriety almost go hand in hand. A distracted driver jeopardizes their ability to react quickly to situations like a stopped vehicle or animal in the roadway. This is also true of a driver impaired by drugs or alcohol. These accidents usually occur around curves, often on rural roads, where perhaps because of low traffic density or knowledge of the area, a driver chooses to speed. Low visibility also can become a compounding danger.

Vehicles with high centers of gravity such as vans and SUVs are more likely to tip and roll than cars lower to the ground. Finally, the condition of a tire’s tread impacts its ability to grip the road, particularly around curves. Therefore, if a driver’s tires are not properly changed out, this may cause their vehicle to flip over and a crash to occur. A Tucker lawyer could assess the cause of a rollover car accident and determine who may be liable in a civil claim.

Proving Fault in a Rollover Car Wreck Case

Proving that someone’s driving caused an accident can be a challenging task. Defendants may fight vigorously in an attempt to prove that they were not responsible, or at least not wholly so.

Most personal injury car wreck cases utilize the theory of legal negligence as the basis for their claims. In these claims, a plaintiff must show that the defendant owed them a legal duty of care. All motorists have a legal obligation to drive responsibly and follow all traffic laws. Then a claimant must demonstrate that the defendant breached this legal duty, by, for example, exceeding the speed limit on a darkened road and losing control of their car.

A plaintiff also must show that the defendant’s careless behavior was the proximate or direct cause of their injuries. Finally, a plaintiff must show they suffered damages as a result of the accident, and now seek payment for these losses. An experienced attorney in Tucker could help establish negligence in a rollover auto accident.

Speak with a Tucker Rollover Car Accident Attorney

Fighting a legal battle after an accident can daunting and confusing. Fortunately, a lawyer could help. An attorney could handle the claims process and work to ensure that you receive the compensation you need to recover fully. Contact a Tucker rollover car accident lawyer today to learn more about how you could file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages.