Steps to Take after a Tucker Car Accident

Although car accidents are arguably the epitome of losing control, there are still plenty of responsibilities people have after being involved in wrecks that are well within their ability to influence. Even if you are injured in a Tucker car crash, there are several steps you need to take as soon as possible to also give yourself the best chance at physical and financial recovery. Once retained, a knowledgeable car accident attorney could provide guidance and support throughout each of these steps, as well as with any legal action you subsequently choose to pursue.

Immediate Actions after a Crash Occurs

The first thing anyone involved in a car accident that results in injuries should do is call 911, even if they were not injured, and render as much assistance in the meantime to injured parties as possible. As per Official Code of Georgia §40-6-270, people involved in accidents should also exchange their names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, and insurance information with everyone else involved, regardless of any injuries or lack thereof.

If a crash results in serious injury, death, and/or more than $500 of property damage, O.C.G.A. §40-6-273 requires involved parties to notify law enforcement as well. Failure to stop, exchange information, and provide aid after a severe crash may result in felony hit-and-run charges punishable by prison time.

Once these legal requirements are fulfilled, car accident victims should collect as much evidence at the scene of their crash as they are able to. Pictures of the scene, key information about the vehicles and people involved, and contact information for witnesses can be crucial evidence in an ensuing civil claim.

Filing a Car Insurance Claim in Tucker

Virtually all car insurance policies in Georgia require policyholders to cooperate fully with any subsequent investigation the insurer conducts regarding an incident. One of the first things to facilitate this immediately after a wreck is filing a Notice of Occurrence—a generalized term for whatever method an individual policy establishes for informing an insurer that their policyholder was involved in a crash.

Reporting an accident to an insurer constitutes neither a claim for damages nor an admission of fault. In fact, failure to do so quickly can have a significantly detrimental effect on any claim made later, as evidence may disappear and settlement offers may be less favorable as time passes following a wreck.

However, while car accident victims in Tucker should file initial Notices of Occurrence as soon as possible, they should not talk to any insurance adjusters or accept any settlement offer without first consulting with a seasoned lawyer. Insurance companies often take advantage of unrepresented crash victims for their own financial gain, so retaining legal counsel as soon as possible is usually a prescient move.

Speak with an Experienced Legal Advocate Today

Although your medical needs, insurance requirements, and other actions mandated by state law should be your first priorities following a car accident in Tucker, contacting legal counsel may be the most critical step of all. Without guidance and support from a legal expert, you may have significant trouble recovering fully for all the injuries and losses your accident may have resulted in—or, in the worst-case scenario, recovering anything at all.

Once hired, a seasoned car accident attorney could stand as your steadfast ally both in and out of court. Call today to see what one could do for you in your case.