Tucker Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

Teenage drivers sometimes lack the skill and judgment to make safe decisions while behind the wheel. The injuries that motorists, pedestrians, and others may suffer at the hands of a young driver may be just as severe as those caused by any other negligent driver. Compensation may be available to those injured, but obtaining a financial damages award from a young, at-fault driver may present unique challenges.

Fortunately, a Tucker teen driver accident lawyer could help you and your family pursue compensation following a wreck. A car wreck attorney could identify individuals who may be responsible for paying the costs of your medical bills, lost pay due to missed work, and other expenses.

Who is Liable for Paying Compensation Following a Teen Driver Crash?

Courts may find teenage drivers liable for paying compensation to injured parties when they commit careless or reckless acts while driving. The law does not automatically relieve teen motorists of the legal ramifications of their misjudgments simply because of their inexperience. In many cases, it will be the teen’s insurance that pays an injured person.

In cases where the injured plaintiff’s expenses exceed the teen’s insurance policy limits, or where the young driver has no insurance at all, the court may require the teenager’s parents to compensate the plaintiff. This may be especially true if the teen is under the age of 18.

Parents also may be responsible for paying compensation if they allow their child to drive a family vehicle, knowing that this teenager is not licensed or has a history of being unsafe while behind the wheel. A lawyer in Tucker could review a car accident case involving a teen driver and determine who may be liable to pay compensation.

Teen Motorists Ignoring License Requirements and Restrictions in Tucker

Like adult drivers, young motorists must follow all traffic laws and avoid reckless operation of their motor vehicle. Beyond this, though, teenage motorists also must follow certain driver’s education requirements. State law requires adolescent motorists to complete a driver’s education course before obtaining a permit.

A teen also needs to complete up to 40 hours of supervised driving before they are eligible to apply for a Class D license. Even with a Class D license, teenage motorists must follow certain restrictions regarding who may be a passenger in their vehicle, and what time of day they may drive.

Failing to abide by these restrictions and licensing obligations may constitute a careless action that subjects the teen’s insurance company or parents to legal liability. A lawyer in Tucker could help build a car wreck case if a teenage driver failed to follow state law or license restrictions.

Speak with a Tucker Teen Driver Accident Attorney

A teenage driver is still responsible for their careless actions and negligent decisions. You may be eligible to recover compensation through a lawsuit if you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a young driver.

A Tucker teen driver accident lawyer could assist you in determining whether you have a viable claim and help you file a lawsuit against the appropriate parties. Schedule an initial claim consultation to get started on your case.