Value of a Tucker Car Accident Case

The question of how much a civil claim based on a car accident will be worth is usually the first one on the mind of anyone meeting with a car accident lawyer. A sizable settlement or court verdict could make the difference between you recovering totally from your wreck in a matter of months, and you feeling the physical and financial effects of it for years to come.

Ascertaining the true value of a car accident case may be beyond the skill set of the average Tucker resident, but a skilled legal professional could help answer this question and any others you have about your claim. Moreover, they could work with you throughout the case process to mitigate any extenuating circumstances that may impact how much compensation you stand to recover.

Common Types of Recoverable Damages

The core idea behind civil litigation is that an injured person should be able to recover from a negligent party whatever compensation is needed to address all the damages they suffered and return them as much as possible to the state they were in before their accident. Accordingly, the value of a Tucker car accident claim is directly related to the specific injuries and losses a plaintiff sustained.

Typical car crash damages are economic in nature, meaning that their value can be quantified will bills, receipts, and other such replicable evidence. Since a civil claim in Georgia must be based on a physical injury to be valid, economic damages usually center around emergency medical bills and expenses for subsequent outpatient treatment. In car wreck claims, recoverable economic damages also often include lost work wages, lost capacity to earn income in the future, and car repair costs.

However, non-economic damages can be just as valuable—if not more so—than economic damages, even though their financial value cannot be quantitatively defined. Representation from a skilled car accident attorney could be crucial when it comes to identifying the subjective value of damages like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life, and then effectively pursuing that amount of compensation.

Factors That Can Impact a Case’s Overall Value

Various circumstances can impact how much a car accident is worth, especially when it comes to evaluating non-economic damages. For example, a civil jury in one location may not value a certain subjective loss the same way a different jury might. Likewise, different defendants may have different abilities to pay for damages—for instance, a plaintiff may have better luck seeking the full value of a catastrophic injury from a commercial trucking company compared to an uninsured commuter.

However, perhaps the most common detriment to the value of Tucker car wreck cases is the comparative fault of the filing plaintiff. According to Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33, a civil court may reduce a plaintiff’s recoverable damage award by whatever percentage of fault they are found to bear. Furthermore, if they are 50 percent or more at fault, they may be barred from recovering altogether.

A Seasoned Attorney Could Help Valuate a Tucker Car Crash Case

Determining the value of any civil case is far from a simple task. Numerous factors and events can shift how different damages are valued and even what types of damages are available in the first place, and unrepresented plaintiffs often find themselves stuck with unfavorable settlements as a result.

Instead of trying to figure out the value of your Tucker auto accident case yourself, consider going to a seasoned attorney for help. With a qualified car accident lawyer by your side, you could have much better chances of appropriately evaluating your claim and recovering the compensation you need and deserve.