Tucker Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

In the competitive world of the pharmaceutical industry, some big drug companies may care more about making profits than protecting their consumers. As a result, patients are the ones who end up suffering from taking these dangerous drugs. Whether pharmaceutical companies fail to take adequate measures to thoroughly test the drugs or discover the hazardous side effects that the medicines may cause, they may be legally liable when injuries to consumers occur.

A Tucker dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to assist individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of taking unsafe prescription drugs. Once retained, a seasoned personal injury attorney may be able to examine your situation and determine whether you have a hazardous drug claim against a pharmaceutical company or any other entity.

Types of Dangerous Drug Claims in Tucker

Prescription drugs can have a powerful impact on patients who take them. Sometimes, the mix of chemicals in the drugs may interact negatively with other medications that patients are taking, as well as with hormones and other substances that the human body naturally produces, causing patients can suffer debilitating side effects and unexpected complications.

Patients and medical professionals alike may assume that after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new drug it is safe for patients to use. As history has shown, however, this assumption is sometimes incorrect. All too often, as a Tucker harmful medication attorney in may attest, the side effects and interactions that these drugs may cause severe injuries to patients.

Side Effects and Complications of Harmful Medications

A wide range of side effects may occur as a result of taking different medications, especially when in conjunction with other drugs a patient may be taking. Some common side effects consumers of unsafe drugs may have experienced include the following.

  • Heart attacks;
  • Blood clots and strokes;
  • Cancer; or
  • Problems with liver and kidney function.

These side effects may cause irreparable injuries or even result in death. In some cases, these medical conditions may be treatable, but they are not always immediately apparent.

The Duty of Drug Companies to Warn Consumers

In cases seeking compensation for injuries resulting from dangerous medications, the liable party is typically the pharmaceutical company responsible for manufacturing the drugs. A frequent basis for these claims is a failure by the drug company to adequately warn of the potential dangers of using the drug and the side effects that might occur.

If warning labels are absent or are too vague for consumers to be aware of the risks of taking certain drugs, they may have a claim for compensation against the manufacturer of the drug. A dangerous drugs lawyer in Tucker may be able to assist injury victims in building substantial claims for compensation against pharmaceutical companies.

A Tucker Dangerous Drugs Attorney May Be Able to Help

Pharmaceutical companies could be strictly liable for damages that occur when patients take the medications as directed, or for negligence if they fail to create a drug that is safe for patients or sufficiently warn of its dangers. In any of these scenarios, a Tucker dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to work toward recovering compensation for patients who have sustained injuries due to taking prescription medications.

If you or a loved one suffered severe side effects or other health conditions as a result of taking prescription drugs, you may be entitled to compensation for losses related to your injuries. As there are deadlines for filing claims for compensation, you should consider getting legal advice as quickly as possible after discovering that taking an unsafe medication has caused your injuries.

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