Tucker Defective Products Lawyer

When product manufacturers place defective products on the market, they may bear liability for any injuries that consumers sustain as a result of using those products. A Tucker defective products lawyer could be instrumental in helping you hold manufacturing companies responsible for placing defective and dangerous products on the market.

Each defective products claim is unique and requires a close analysis of the facts and circumstances that led to the injuries at issue, since product liability laws are complicated and require evidence of various elements to support a claim for damages. A dedicated personal injury attorney could assist you in bringing a products liability claim if you have suffered injuries from using a faulty product.

Defective Products Liability in Tucker

Manufacturers of consumer products must create products that are safe for consumers to use as intended. It is important to note, though, manufacturers may only be liable if consumers suffer injuries by using the products in a reasonably foreseeable manner, as detailed in the Official Code of Georgia §51-1-11. If consumers use products in ways that they were not meant to be used, this can relieve manufacturers of liability.

State law requires manufacturers to create products that are free of defects and inherent dangers that would cause injuries to consumers. Manufacturers also must ensure that clear instructions and labels accompany their products which warn individuals of any potential harms that consumers might encounter when using these products as intended.

Any breach of the legal duties to create safe products and adequately warn consumers of dangers associated with products can result in liability for manufacturers when consumers sustain injuries from using products. A Tucker dangerous products attorney may be able to investigate the usage of consumer goods that caused injuries to individuals and determine whether grounds for a case exist.

Bases for Filing a Claim

When using a product results in an injury to a consumer, there are different theories of liability that can form the basis for subsequent defective products claims. For instance, some products have design flaws that may make products inherently dangerous for consumers to use.

Another potential basis for product liability is manufacturing errors. In some cases, manufacturers fail to assemble a product in the correct manner, which can lead to defects that are dangerous to consumers. Finally, manufacturers also may be liable for the injuries to consumers who used their products if the company fails to adequately warn consumers about the potential hazards associated with using the product as reasonably intended. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Statutes of Limitation in Tucker Defective Product Claims

Under O.C.G.A. §9-3-33, consumers who sustain injuries due to defective products have a limited amount of time in which to file personal injury claims against product manufacturers and other potentially liable parties. With a few exceptions, individuals must file their claims within two years of the date of when the user was harmed. If individuals do not discover that they have sustained injuries from using a product within the two-year statutory deadline, injured consumers have a maximum of ten years in which to file their claims.

However, for product liability cases based on a failure to warn consumers of the dangers of using a product, the statute of limitations may not be extended.  Due to these complexities, hurt consumers should consult a defective products lawyer in Tucker as quickly as possible after discovering their injuries to avoid losing their right to file claims.

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Manufacturing companies have a legal duty to only place products on the market that are defect-free and include adequate safety warnings and labels. When they fail to meet these legal duties, they can be financially responsible for the costs of any injuries that occur. Getting the advice of a Tucker defective products lawyer in this situation can be essential to your ability to file a defective product claim.

As state law places strict time limits on filing product liability claims, you should not hesitate to get legal advice, as you may otherwise lose your chance to seek compensation for your injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our guarantee that you will always take home more money at settlement than we charge in fees.