Tucker Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites can be frightening experiences that result in devastating physical and emotional injuries. To make matters worse, the aftermath of such an attack often involves significant medical expenses, an inability to work, and a long course of reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation.

Getting legal advice and representation may allow you to recover compensation for your injuries and the impact of a dog attack on your life. Bringing a claim for damages also may enable you to hold dog owners responsible for the wounds inflicted by their pets.

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a dog attack, you may need to contact a Tucker dog bite lawyer for advice about your legal options. A skilled personal injury attorney could assess the circumstances that led to your injuries and gather the documentation necessary to build a claim for damages on your behalf.

Dog Bite Claims in Tucker

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than four million Americans suffer dog bites each year, many of whom must seek medical attention for their severe injuries. As a result, victims may require extensive medical care for months or sometimes years.

Under the Official Code of Georgia §51-2-7, dog owners are responsible for any injuries that their dogs cause to others. However, this statute exempts situations in which dogs cause injuries to others who have provoked them. A Tucker dog bite attorney could evaluate an individual situation to determine the viability of any legal claim a victim may have.

Proving Dogs Are Dangerous or Vicious

To be liable for a dog bite injury in Georgia, a dog owner must have had previous knowledge of their pet’s propensity to be vicious or dangerous. However, plaintiffs may not have to provide proof that the dog has previously bitten others to recover damages—for example, a dog having snapped, growled, or charged at others before could be considered sufficient evidence of that animal being demonstrably dangerous.

Furthermore, evidence of a dog’s dangerous tendencies may be irrelevant in areas where there are leash laws if an owner did not have their dog on a leash at the time of an attack. Most counties and cities, as well as certain public areas, have regulations that require all dogs to always be on leashes.

If dog owners do not comply with these rules and their dogs bite another person, they may be financially responsible for any expenses related to those injuries. An animal attack lawyer in Tucker may be able to assist injury victims with obtaining the proof necessary to support a valid dog bite claim.

Contact a Tucker Dog Bite Attorney for Assistance

Dog bites can cause severe injuries that may make various aspects of your life far different than they were before. You may accrue substantial medical bills, lost wages, and loss of future income due to your injuries.

On the bright side, these outcomes may entitle you to compensation through dog bite claims. A Tucker dog bite lawyer may be able to advise you of the steps necessary to build the most effective dog bite claim possible and seek the maximum compensation available for your losses.

Legal counsel could handle most aspects of your dog bite claim, including dealing with insurance companies, obtaining necessary documentation of your injuries, interviewing witnesses, and filing a claim on your behalf. On top of that, our firm promises to stay in constant contact with you via group text regarding updates to your case and its progress. Call today to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation.